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ğŸ’Ž A New Spacemonkey in Your Wallet, Every Month

Here are some gems from last week...

Hello friends,

I'm back with another edition of the hidden gems, a weekly list of interesting onchain art, products, content, and more.

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ğŸ’Ž Gem of the Day

Spacemonkeys' HyperSub by Dalek

Today, the hidden gem is not just one piece but a stream of artworks. Dalek, the creator behind Spacemonkeys, recently launched a HyperSub (similar to the one I use to handle onchain subscriptions).

This one is quite interesting because subscribers receive an edition of his work directly in their wallets each month. Also, a lucky subscriber gets a 1/1. It feels like an interesting mechanism to distribute art and build a community... I expect more artists to jump on this train.

Join "the most destructive force in the universe" below...

ğŸŽ™ Kaloh's Podcast

The Art of Creating Digital Waste ft. die with the most likes

I had a blast chatting with Mark Wilson, aka 'die with the most likes,' who is currently doing an art residency with Glitch Marfa in Texas. Learn about his beginnings, social media persona, writing, and future collections.

ğŸ—ž Kaloh's Deep Dive

Hatching AI Life-Forms with Boldtron's 'The Vault of Wonders'

Last Monday, I shared a review of 'The Vault of Wonders' by Boldtron. This is the newest AI collection released by Fellowship and

The pre-sale reception has been phenomenal, and the public sale is tomorrow (May 24).

👵 Hot Content

NiceAunties on Ted Talks

Talking about Fellowship, I covered 'AuntieVerse' by NiceAunties some time ago. At that time, NiceAunties was an anonymous artist. During the weekend, I found this Ted Talk where NiceAunties shares her face and the exciting journey that led her to imagine AuntieVerse.

🌍 Event to Watch

The Digital Art Mile by ArtMeta, in Basel, Switzerland

I'll be visiting the Digital Art Mile in Basel at the same time as Art Basel in June. Many digital galleries, marketplaces, artists, and collectors will gather for events and exhibitions across a mile-long street.

Also, this will be my second time visiting Art Basel and my first time visiting its origin in Basel. I applied for a media pass... Help me with an RT so they notice our digital art community 🙌

Until next time,


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