Breaking Stereotypes with NiceAunties Gastro-Chic Universe

A review about NiceAunties upcoming release, presented in collaboration with Fellowship.

In the evolving landscape of art and technology, an intriguing fusion is taking place that challenges conventional narratives and invites audiences into uncharted territories. At the forefront of this movement is an artist known as NiceAunties, whose upcoming collection, Auntieverse, captures the imagination of art enthusiasts and technology aficionados alike.

On this occasion, I’ll delve into the world of NiceAunties, exploring her background, the role of by Fellowship in bringing this work to the public, and the transformative impact of AI tools on creative expression.

Crafting Narratives from Heritage With NiceAunties

Born in the 1980s amidst the nation-building years of Singapore, the artist behind NiceAunties was nurtured in an environment heavily influenced by the matriarchal figures in their family. The artist's formative years were marked by the presence of women who embodied a spectrum of suppressed talents, passions, and dreams. These women ranged from a great-grandmother with bound feet to a sociable mother, alongside eleven aunties, each contributing to the rich tapestry of experiences that would later inspire the Auntieverse.

Despite often being cast in a less flattering light, the artist sees aunties as figures doing their best within their means, offering a nuanced perspective that challenges prevailing stereotypes.

NiceAunties' journey into the art world is as distinguished as her background. With 20 years of experience in architecture, she is a partner at an international architecture and design studio focused on thought leadership, social sustainability and bold, joyful designs. An experience that she complements with the freedom of the digital kingdom.

Her works have grabbed the attention of top collectors and institutions in the space, including Flamingo DAO, which recently acquired 12 of her works.

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Auntieverse Is A Journey Through Ten Chapters

The Auntieverse collection is a captivating exploration in the form of AI images, organized in themes of beauty, aging, and everyday life, presented through ten chapters. The influence of heritage and the artist's taste in elements like humor, color, and sound is notorious.

An audio review accompanies each chapter. Here are some of the most eloquent chapters I found:

  • Spa Menu: A continual exploration of beauty, skin, and youth, challenging conventional beauty standards.

Auntieverse by NiceAunties
  • Fashion Chapter: Where everyday objects and cooking ingredients take center stage on the fashion runway, redefining the essence of beauty and perfection.

  • TESLA (The Tofu Engineered Sushi Luxury Autos): A whimsical take on sustainable and edible vehicle design, pushing the boundaries of eco-conscious innovation.

  • MoMA (Museum of Modern Aunties): An art gallery managed by and dedicated to aunties, celebrating their contributions and presence in society.

About Fellowship and Nurturing Artistic Innovation on the Blockchain

Under the guidance of Alejandro Cartagena, an award-winning photographer, Fellowship plays a pivotal role in the intersection of art and technology. Advising artists on best practices for blockchain-based artwork, including minting, exhibiting, and smart contract ownership.

What’s happening with artificial intelligence in the creative world is similat to what happened in the mid 1800s. Plenty of artists struggled to break into painting, and found in photography the perfect tool to express their mind. The invention of photographs opened the door to so many visionaries that transformed art, culture and the world as we see it.

The same is happening with artificial intelligence. Artists have a very powerful ally to picture their imagination.

Alejandro Cartagena, Fellowship Cofounder

Fellowship curates innovative AI artworks through, fostering artist discovery and experimentation and propelling future breakthroughs in the art and technology space.

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AI Tools and Their Impact for Creatives

The integration of AI tools in the creative process has opened new horizons for artists, allowing for rapid iteration and development of ideas. The philosophy of working with simple tools emphasizes that technical prowess is not a prerequisite for creativity. AI tools have become a perfect fit for artists like NiceAunties, someone who, due to her practice in a leading design and architectural firm, has worked with big teams, each person fulfilling a role in the creative and execution process to bring revolutionary ideas to life.

Cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, neural networks, large language models, and video innovations, are revolutionizing the creative process. This widespread access to simple but powerful tools enables artists to refine their craft rapidly without big teams.

Through her work, NiceAunties not only pays homage to the influential women in her life but also challenges societal perceptions, inviting us to reconsider the beauty in the everyday. As AI continues to reshape the creative landscape, artists like NiceAunties lead the charge, crafting worlds as profound in their narrative as they are pioneering in their execution.

NiceAunties x Fellowship

Auntieverse Release Information

Phase 1, English Auction

Tue 6th Feb to Wed 7th Feb, 1 pm ET

  • A selection of 100 artworks curated by Nice Aunties that have a special 'Omakase' trait.

  • 24-hour auction with reserves starting at 0.1 Eth.

  • 10-minute bidding extensions apply if a bid is made in the last 10 minutes.

Phase 2, Dutch Auction

Wed 7th Feb, 2 pm ET

  • 900 artworks completing the Auntiverse series.

  • Price starts at 1 Eth and ends at 0.1 Eth over 45 minutes.

  • Rebate auction so everyone pays the lowest sell-out price (e.g., if you bid 0.5 Eth and it sells out at 0.15 Eth, you get refunded 0.35 Eth).

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- Kaloh

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