Yawanawa and Refik Anadol Collab, Blind Gallery Vistas, Zero One and more!

In case you missed it: Here are 5 things worth sharing about generative and A.I. art

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Happy Sunday, everyone!

Here is the weekly digest, where I share an overview of Kaloh’s newsletter, podcast, and generative art news from this week.

Let’s get started.

1. Kaloh’s Podcast: Casey Reas and Agoria

Last week, I had the pleasure to chat with Casey Reas about his latest artwork, art-making process, Feral File evolution, our upcoming Blind Gallery collab, the early days of Processing, and more.

This week, I’m excited to have Agoria as the guest for Episode #10. Agoria is a French international DJ and biological generative artist.

Set a reminder here.

Episode #10: Agoria - French International DJ and biological generative artist.

Don’t miss out on the upcoming Blind Gallery show — Vistas — inspired by the landscape theme. Six generative artists have been crafting some fantastic scenery.

This is a collaboration between Blind Gallery and Feral File, curated by Casey Reas and me.

Learn more below 👇

3. [Hot Collection] Winds of Yawanawa by Yawanawa and Refik Anadol

This collection resembles Refik's artwork exhibited at MoMA: Unsupervised. This time, the data to train the models consists of images from the indigenous Yawanawa community. Visit the link for the animated piece (a static image doesn’t give it credit).

Winds of Yawanawa by Yawanawa and Refik Anadol.

Winds of Yawanawa by Yawanawa and Refik Anadol.

A first-of-its-kind space of co-creation between the Brazilian Indigenous Yawanawa community and media artist Refik Anadol.

Winds of Yawanawa has taken the digital art world by surprise (maybe not a big surprise?) as the collection floor surpasses 10 Eth (currently over 8) and produced over 750 Eth on the secondary market (just in OpenSea).

4. [Upcoming Collections] Bright Moments Buenos Aires

The awaited lineup for the upcoming Bright Moments was released, featuring a mix of Latin-American artists (+Jeff Davis, as expected).

Bright Moments Buenos Aires artists lineup.

Bright Moments Buenos Aires artists lineup.

Seth Goldstein — Bright Moments’ founder — joined the Podcast a few weeks ago. Listen below to hear what he had to say about this show 👇

Here is a newsletter I’ve enjoyed over the past weeks: Creator Royalties by HUG.

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5. What’s Zero One?

I’ve been minting and collecting on a new digital art marketplace called Zero One. It has hic et nunc vibes, and many artists and collectors have been testing it.

I’ve been minted some of my photos on Zero One - this one is called entreabierto.

I’ve minted some of my photos on Zero One - this one is called entreabierto.

Why is it trending?

  • Everything is free to collect with a 20% royalty on secondary sales.

  • To collect, you need to create a piece (you’ll receive ten mint passes).

  • You need to wait 24 hours to create a new piece.

  • Be aware there are plenty of bugs, and the platform is in Beta! So be patient.

Closing Question: We continue to see new marketplaces, platforms, galleries, and dApps emerge in different blockchains: friends.tech on Base, Prohibition on Arbitrum, Zero One on Avax are a few examples…

How do you feel about using multiple blockchains?

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- Kaloh

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