Yamabushi's Horizons by Richard Nadler, Ilusiones Arbóreas and fxhash releases from NFT Show Europe

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Launching Tuesday, July 18th with Project #0 by Emily Edelman.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

It is time for another weekly digest filled with exciting news and art!

Here are 5 things I thought were worth sharing from last week in the generative art world:

1. [Kaloh’s Podcast] Bitcoin Ordinals and a career in art with FAR

I shared Kaloh’s Podcast Episode #2, where I chatted with FAR about his art career, Bitcoin Ordinals, Taproot Wizards, and more…

This week, I’ll be joined by ClownVamp, a collector, artist, and curator specializing in AI art and founder of the MAIF AI artist group.

Set a reminder for the Twitter Space here.

Set a reminder for the upcoming Twitter Space with ClownVamp. The recording will be released in my podcast after.

Set a reminder for the upcoming Twitter Space with ClownVamp. The recording will be released in my podcast after.

2. Tiny House and the Heat by zancan

This collection was part of the NFT Show Europe Ilusiones Arbóreas collection.

There are multiple generative art releases as part of the show, including pieces from A.L. Crego, Arsiliath, Helena Sarín, Presstube, and Zancan.

Exploring the symbiotic relationship of humanity, technology, and nature. No duplicates until full collection received.

Partial proceeds support AMUFOR's environmental initiatives.

Tiny House and the Heat by zancan.

Tiny House and the Heat by zancan.

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3. moonsong 1.0 by Eliza SJ

NFT Show Europe x fxhash live minting experience.

This is an animated-audio-generative collection (open it for the full experience).

As we peer into the digital pond before us, we see the moon reflected back, its water softly rippling outwards. When the audio is activated (via click or tap), the ripples are ever so slightly influenced, reverberating the moon's song.
Moonsong 1.0 contemplates the beauty and symbolic significance of the moon and its cycles. Each composition is intricately tailored to the specific date and time input, capturing the chosen moment and allowing for a deeply personal connection with the essence of the cosmos.

moonsong 1.0 by Eliza SJ via fxhash.

moonsong 1.0 by Eliza SJ via fxhash. This is an animated and audio piece.

4. Yamabushi's Horizons by Richard Nadler via verse

This AI 128 pieces collection had a fantastic reception, with the primary auction ending at ~$1,000 and the current floor settling over $3,300. It has also amazed a whopping $270,000 in secondary volume.

Yamabushi are revered as mountain priests or ascetic hermits in Japan, devoutly following the ancient traditions of Shugendō. This spiritual practice intertwines elements of Buddhism, Shintoism, and the indigenous worship of mountains. The very name "yamabushi" itself translates to "those who find solace in the mountains."

Yamabushi's Horizons #6 by Richard Nadler.

Yamabushi's Horizons #6 by Richard Nadler.

5. [Upcoming Collection] Bubble by Santiago via wild.xyz

Bubble is a generative collection of dynamic NFTs by Santiago. Pulling at the seams of speculative dynamics that govern much of the flow of attention and resources in Web3 space, Bubble reflects upon the fragility of art value and the perceived ephemerality of art objects in a space that is predicated upon accelerating market dynamics.

Bubble by Santiago will be released on July 19. Newsletter readers can participate in the allowlist raffle here.

  • When? July 19 - 10 am PT

  • Price: 0.08 ETH (allowlist), 0.085 ETH (public sale)

You can participate in the allowlist raffle using the following unique link for Kaloh’s newsletter readers 👇

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Until next time,

- Kaloh

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