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gm, and happy Monday!

Welcome to the weekly digest newsletter issue, where I share five six things I thought were worth sharing about generative & AI art…

1. Kaloh’s Podcast: Artnome & Aleksandra Art

Last week, I had the pleasure to chat with Jason Bailey, aka Artnome. He shared a bit about his history in the NFT art world, his work with Right Click Save and Club NFT, and artists to watch.

Today, I will chat with Aleksandra Art, who leads partnerships at Joyn and has been involved in multiple projects as a curator, artist, and organizer.

Episode 13: Aleksandra Art is leading partnerships at Joyn, besides being highly involved in the digital art space as a curator, promoter, artist, and organizer.

🎙This episode will be recorded on a Twitter livestream. You can tune in here.

2. Detective Jack by ClownVamp via BrainDrops

Don’t miss this AI collection created by ClownVamp, the master of storytelling.

The one case Detective Jack Crimson could never solve. It’s 1961, and the night before Jack plans to propose to Tiffany Abbington, she goes missing. As the mystery unfolds, Jack must untangle a few critical questions: Why are both the KGB and CIA obstructing his search? Why does John F. Kennedy’s name keep surfacing? And most importantly, where is Tiffany? After two years and no answers, Jack is turning to you.

ClownVamp was in the podcast a few weeks ago; listen to this episode below…

3. A Daydream for Libby by genlight via gmStudio

A generative fairy tale book made with love and code.

— By genlight.


A Daydream for Libby #17 by genlight.

gmStudio released a new generative art collection — A daydream for Libby — created by genlight, who is known for creating A Fundamental Dispute. The collection minted out for 0.15 ETH (±$250) per piece and is available in the secondary market.

Complementary read:

4. Anfractuous by Landlines Art via fxhash

This collection is still open for 11 Tezos (±$7) —over 500 pieces available out of 1000. It uses fxparams, which means collectors can adjust different parameters to generate their pieces.

Anfractuous #39 by LandLines Art & D/VISION7.

Anfractuous #39 by LandLines Art & D/VISION7.

The title is quite literally a visual description of the work, as anfractuous means: characterized by windings and turnings; sinuous; circuitous. With this project I aimed to strike a balance between easily recognizable smooth large scale forms and the small fragmented details that populate these forms.

5. Distance by William Mapan via LACMA & Cactoid Labs

Distance by William Mapan was released last week to great reception. The French artist continues exploring the recreation of paintings made with code. This collection was curated by Cactoid Labs and released with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

Distance #51 by William Mapan.

Distance #51 by William Mapan.

“I’m interested in Klee’s research into color and his work at the Bauhaus. Color is the main component that I think about as an artist. How you use saturation, the value of the color, how you mix it. I always try to make the colors I use.”

William Mapan

6. Interesting Read: Matching Gen Art X A.I. by Fernando Jerez

I found this article by Fernando Jerez super interesting as he delves into a use case that combines generative coded art and AI.

During this year 2023, my interest in generating images with AI trained models has been growing until reaching a point where I believe I have found an interesting application.

As a generative artist, I enjoy developing complex algorithms and systems that produce a variety of aesthetically pleasing outputs…

Continue reading in his blog…

Until next time,

- Kaloh

PD: I finally completed the new podcast setup! 🎉

Tune in for the first stream / Podcast recording today at 7 pm UTC.

New podcast setup ready!

New podcast setup ready!

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