Big News! We Are Going Onchain!

It's finally time to go full onchain with the newsletter and subscription

Hello friends!

It is finally time to roll out the onchain subscription I've talked about for a few weeks.

You can get your subscription NFT via HyperSub below.

Why Is This Exciting?

There are multiple extra benefits compared to the previous Substack subscription.

  1. (New) Pay with ETH

  2. Access to token-gated articles (x2 per month)

  3. Access to the private Discord with over 250 collectors and artists

  4. (New) Monthly onchain giveaways, allowlists, or airdrops

  5. (New) 8% revenue sharing

  6. (New) Onchain Articles and Podcast airdropped to your wallet — coming soon, once the feature is available

  7. (New) Onchain referral rewards: earn ETH when you refer a new subscriber.

  8. Cancel anytime!

Content & Posting Schedule

If you recently discovered my content, here is a rundown of what you can expect:

  • 🔬Deep dive / market analysis: ±20 hours of research to simplify your life and keep you updated with the onchain art movement.

    • Latest: Farcaster NFTs (working on a new deep dive into AI art).

    • Cadence: biweekly.

  • 🎙 Kaloh’s Podcast: Conversations with artists, collectors, curators, and founders in the onchain art space.

  • 💎 hidden gems: a curated list of artworks, products, and content I love.

    • Latest: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

    • Cadence: Weekly.

What about Active Substack Premium Members?

All active Substack members who filled out the form should have already received their subscription NFT, which is valid for the equivalent subscribed time.

You can still fill out the form here.

The Substack membership will remain active, so you can maintain your Substack subscription (no action) or cancel it and get the NFT subscription on HyperSub.

Are You Confused?

I know this might be a bit confusing.

Just reply to this email with your questions, and I’ll help you.

Thanks for your support, and looking forward to creating more exciting content around the onchain art space for a while!

- Kaloh

PD: There are currently 1000 subscriptions available. I capped it for now to make sure everything works well. If we hit that number, I might release more subscriptions in the future.

Get my NFT subscription on HyperSub below

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