Visiting a Generative Artist Studio ft. Dan Catt

Kaloh's Podcast | Dan Catt is a contemporary printmaker, pen plotter artist, and educator.

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Dan Catt is a contemporary printmaker, pen plotter artist, and educator who shares his artistic journey via vlogging. Through a fusion of mathematics, technology, and design, Dan creates abstract art using code-driven algorithms and organic experimentation. His work challenges the boundaries of traditional artistic creation and embraces contemporary printmaking.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

Dan's Studio Tour (00:00:39) Dan gives a virtual studio tour, showcasing his drawing robots, pen plotters, paper supplies, pens, inks, and seating area.

Dan's Art Journey (00:02:24) Dan talks about discovering his interest in art and design during his school years, experimenting with computers, 3D packages, and code, and pursuing an arts degree.

Visualizing Databases (00:03:58): Dan explains his final-year course in visualizing databases, using data from academic papers to create visual representations and experimenting with ray tracing.

Transition to Art (00:06:34) Dan shares his transition from working in museums to dedicating time to art, including his decision to split his time between working and creating art with pen plotters.

Involvement in Blockchain Art (00:09:03) Dan discusses his involvement in the blockchain art movement, including teaching and showcasing art in galleries, and his initial resistance to the digital shift.

Creating Educational Content (00:12:43) Dan talks about how producing educational material has influenced his art process, slowed down his art production, and inspired him to share his experiences and wisdom with others.

Artistic Inspiration and Pen Plotters (00:18:14) Dan explains the concept of pen plotters, their basic commands, and the specific coding and formatting requirements for creating art suitable for pen plotters.

Challenges in the art creation process (00:20:59) Discussion on the challenges artists face in the art creation process, particularly related to math and logic.

Running a digital art shop (00:23:43) Insights into managing a digital art shop, including the time and costs involved in running an online art business.

Implementing AI in art management (00:26:23) The integration of AI tools in art management, simplifying tasks such as product description, social media posts, and shop management.

Advice for artists starting a shop (00:29:51) Recommendations and practical advice for artists interested in opening a shop, including insights into platforms and marketing strategies.

Selling generative art prints (00:32:59) Strategies for selling generative art prints, including the concept of "out-of-band designs" and the potential of print-on-demand services.

Generative artwork for art blocks (00:39:24) Dan discusses the limitations of generative artwork for platforms like Art Blocks and the need for slower art creation processes.

Balancing digital and physical artwork (00:41:47): Dan reflects on reconciling digital and physical art, emphasizing their intertwining and his satisfaction with slowing down his art practice.

Art as data visualization (00:45:58) Dan explores turning his art practice and daily input into data visualizations and unique art outputs.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

Mentioned: William Mapan, Shopify, The Print Space, Alba, Art Blocks, Bridget Riley, Damien Hirst, Zancan, Weeknotes.

Books: Practice-Based Design Research, Practice-led Research Research-led, Practice in the Creative Arts, Reflections on Authentic Movement, Designing and Conducting Mixed Methods Research, Observe, Collect, Draw!

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