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Let's talk about the platform that's been making waves lately: Led by Jamie Gourley, verse has been at it non-stop, mixing fully digital collections with real-life exhibitions. The sleek, traditional art gallery aesthetic — think Frieze/Pace — is just the tip of the iceberg, as verse is all about pushing the boundaries with blockchain and NFT tech.

They've been ahead of the curve with features like credit card purchasing, QQL-style seed picking for minting, and an on-site wallet for smooth artwork holding.

Landscape with Carbon Capture #2867 by zancan

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Verse was put on the generative art map with the release of Landscape with Carbon Capture by zancan, an unlimited long-form collection that ran out of control with over 11,400 mints for $100 — over $1M on primary — and 470 ETH on secondary volume, according to OpenSea. Melissa Wiederrecht’s Cosmic Rays release was also unique. The total supply (2,000) decreased by one every minute, shorting the collection cap during the sales period. 911 pieces were minted at a fixed $400 = $364,000!

Cosmic Rays #378 by Melissa Wiederrecht

Cosmic Rays #378 by Melissa Wiederrecht is collector curated, meaning they can select a preview they love before minting.

More recently, they released a 10-edition AI piece with Botto —a decentralized autonomous AI artist, which I covered last month…

Here are some hard facts about

  • Their first-ever exhibition ran from June 16 to July 7, 2022: This Is Tomorrow: Part I.

  • 106 featured artists (that’s about nine artists per month).

  • 58 exhibitions until now (that’s about 4.5 shows per month!).

I explored their vast collections catalog to uncover some hidden gems. These are my top picks, and some of them are still up for grabs in the primary market:

Texture Part II by Olga Fadina

Texture Part II marks the latest installment in Olga Fadina's generative textures studies, and it's imposing. The textures and color combinations that Fadina has produced in this collection are breathtaking. As a fan of the series, I have my eyes on a couple of pieces to add to my collection. If you appreciate the beauty of unique textures, then Texture Part II is a must-see.

  • Floor Price: $129

  • Editions: 100

Texture Part II by Olga Fadina

Texture Part II by Olga Fadina

◯ circle(s) by John Provencher

While circles is a digital artwork, the material of the piece refers to the dithering found when printing on common b/w laser printers. Each output is a step by step guide on how to draw a circle ...

If you are a minimalist fan, you can’t miss ◯ circle(s) by John Provencher. It is part of the group exhibition Imperfections. Through a series of long-form projects by generative artists, this exhibition explores the role imperfections play in great artworks and how pursuing artistic perfection appears to be a paradoxical endeavor.

  • Editions: 120

  • Floor Price: $86

artwork: ◯ circle(s) by John Provenche

◯ circle(s) by John Provencher, image courtesy of

hälo by p1xelfool

  • Price: $333.

  • Editions: 333, 270 are still available.

Following his long-form collection "lūmen" for Bright Moments, the talented Brazilian artist has continued in the same vein with his latest release, "hälo".

I’ve learned over the years to look at computers in a very specific way. I believe that beyond being our companion tool for an easier everyday life, through art they can escape the utilitarian aspect that was attributed to them primarily. I type my code. I look at the screen. Something manifests. It’s light.

The idea behind this collection is to manifest those experiences using code to shift and transport pixels in realtime.

hälo by p1xelfool (animated)

hälo by p1xelfool (animated)

Generativemasks Japan Edition by Shunsuke Takawo

  • Price: $300

  • Editions: 100, 3 are still available

Generativemasks Japan Edition by Shunsuke Takawo

Generativemasks Japan Edition by Shunsuke Takawo

The "Generativemasks Japan Edition" collection is a continuation of a groundbreaking algorithm, this time incorporating traditional Japanese colors and patterns in collaboration with Junya Yamamine. The collection is a stunning representation of video expression, with careful attention paid to color, design, and shading, all inspired by the intricate patterns of Japanese art, such as kimonos, folding screen paintings, and woodblock prints. The result is a dazzling series of digital masks transformed into ornaments for the Web3 era.

Colour Time Generative by Jonathan Chomko

  • Floor Price: $120

  • Editions: 63

Don't be deceived by its simplicity - Chomko's "Colour Time Generative" collection is anything but basic. This minimalistic collection is a testament to the artist's mastery of generative design, where every stroke of color and every shade of hue is meticulously crafted to create a mesmerizing visual experience.

exhibition banner – Verse Live presents artworks by Jonathan Chomko

Verse Live presents artworks by Jonathan Chomko. Frieze gallery space at 9 cork street - 28 September - 1 October 2022.

Chomko’s exhibition is an exploration of colour, perception and expression in digital space. Colour Time Sync is a generated film, where two panes of colour cycle in and out of alignment. Sync refers to the time-bound nature of the work, enabling visitors online and IRL to experience the work through a shared temporal frame.

Colour Time Generative draws the spectrum of Colour Time Sync into a gradient, and invites the audience to divide the spectrum into individual works. As editions are purchased, the gradient widens and each work shifts. The prints presented are hypothetical compositions, with the final divisions determined by the market as co-creator.

Order v Chaos by Ralgo

  • Price: $150

  • Editions: 80, only 8 are available.

This project is essentially a follow on from the Overgrowth series on FxHash. It uses colour for the first time and introduces ordered elements to compete with growing chaotic forces.

Ralgo's contribution to the imperfections exhibition is a testament to their dedication towards large-scale experimentation and exploration of new techniques. Their focus on refining novel methods to convey conceptual works is evident in this piece, which stands out among the other exhibits.

Order v Chaos by Ralgo – exhibition banner

Order v Chaos by Ralgo

The London-based art company has started to partner up with Web 3-oriented galleries and is also in the midst of organizing solo shows.

To wrap it up, it is worth noting — again — that more than a hundred artists have showcased their works on the platform, and more than fifty exhibitions have taken place. Undoubtedly, there are numerous undiscovered treasures yet to be unveiled...

I am curious, what is your preferred collection that has been unveiled on Verse? Kindly share your thoughts via email or leave a comment.

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