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Hello friends!

I hope you had a great weekend.

Over the past week, EmProps launched a new way to distribute AI-generated art, where artists can release a “long-form” or a collection of AI artworks at once.

Although many galleries and marketplaces offer the possibility to release AI art on the blockchain, this is the first one that does it in a “long-form” fashion and openly (to many artists at the same time), where the artist creates the algorithm (in this case, prompt-based). The outputs are randomly generated from their parameter selection.

One of my favorite collections released so far comes from Lisa Orth, a generative artist who released NY86, a series that reimagines the grunge and underground vibe from New York City in the 80s.

NY86 by Lisa Orth via

EmProps is still in Beta, so be aware that there are a few bugs here and there.

More AI art collections in a bit, but first, an announcement…

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🎙Kaloh’s Podcast: Alejandro Cartagena and micol

Last week, Alejandro Cartagena told us the story behind his iconic Carpoolers collections, his early years as a fine art photographer, and how he is amassing the best NFT photography collection through Fellowship.

The guest for episode 16 will be micol, founder of Vertical Crypto, an art house for blockchain art, Proof of People, a festival for blockchain art and culture, and VC Residency, a cohort-based residency for digital artists.

Tune in today at 6 PM UTC on X for the livestream.

Episode 16: micol, Vertical Crypto founder

Coming back to EmProps, here are three AI-based collections that grabbed my attention.

the artist's floor wallpapers by Clint Fulkerson

Abstract artist Clint Fulkerson released a self-explanatory AI collection - the artist’s floor wallpapers. I’m impressed by the high quality and diversity of the outputs (rare for an AI-based collection).


AI imagines famous generative artworks by Claus Wilke

I asked the AI to imagine famous (and some not so famous) generative artworks purely based on the artwork's title and the artist's name. The AI did the best it could, but some outputs are rather amusing.

This experiment shows us that some artworks have quite accurate descriptive titles and others less so. I also feel confident that the AI was not trained on any of these artworks.

Claus Wilke

AI imagines famous generative artworks #56

AI imagines famous generative artworks by Claus Wilke. I got an AI version of Dmitri Cherniak’s Ringers.

Organic Aura by New in Town

New in Town’s Organic Aura project starts by generating images with code (using p5.js). This image is then transformed using the SDXL AI algorithm, culminating in creating the desired output, where the essence of nature's aura is revealed.

The collection is inspired by the skeletonization process, which naturally or chemically removes the fleshy part of the leaf, leaving behind the intricate network of vascular tissue.

Organic Aura #5 by New in Town

Organic Aura #5 by New in Town.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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