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This Is Why December Will Be Huge for Generative Art

fxhash 2.0 details, Foundation's Worlds now support generative art, Alba opens to the public and massive funding opportunities for artists...

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There are certain events leading up to December that got me excited about the evolution of generative art.

  • fxhash 2.0 ETH launch (over 80 generative artworks scheduled).

  • Foundation integrates generative art into their Worlds via

  • Two tremendous funding opportunities for digital artists.

  • Alba opened its platform to the public.

It seems like big waves are coming our way…

fxhash 2.0: a week packed with releases + live events

The ETH integration will happen on December 1st, in what looks to be eight days of generative art celebration.

Over 80 collections are currently listed in their calendar. Some artists are releasing ‘independently,’ while others do so via one of the seven partners listed, including new names like Bitforms, ARTXCODE, and Expanded.Art.

fxhash 2.0 calendar release includes partners and individual artists.

In addition, fxhash recently shared their list of real-life events worldwide —the US, Europe, and Asia will host over ten community events.

fxhash 2.0 launch in real-life events.

In August, I talked to Ciphrd (fxhash founder) about plans for the platform and a personal collection that will be part of the 2.0 launch.

Foundation Partners with Highlight to bring generative art into their Worlds

Yesterday, Foundation, one of the first NFT art marketplaces, announced their partnership with newcomer generative art platform Highlight.

This is interesting in multiple ways.

Foundation has dedicated the last year to producing its ‘Worlds.' Curators, galleries, and collectives can now organize releases while being rewarded. Worlds have robust features like team management, onchain distribution, and customized smart contracts - similar to Manifold.

Foundation Partners with Highlight to bring generative art into their Worlds

Although Foundation has one of the best interfaces in the space, I was missing generative art (long-form generative coded art). The wait is over, and anyone can now release generative long-form artworks on Foundation thanks to their integration with Highlight.

Tremendous Funding Opportunities for Digital Artists

I was surprised (in a good way) to see two impressive funding opportunities for digital artists.

Both opportunities are for all kinds of digital creators, not only coded art.

We Love the Art Powered by Optimism ($1.5M prize pool)

An art contest celebrating onchain creation. Submission deadline Dec 13th at 23:00pm UTC.

The 1,000,000 OP prize pool will be split evenly among four distinct categories, each with the same four prize tiers. Please note that each submission must be a new artwork and each winner will need to pass KYC in order to receive their prize.

👉 Find all the details at

SomeFund powered by ZeBlocks ($250,000 prize pool)

Somehoodlum, in collaboration with Zeblocks and Bonfire, proudly presents 'Somefund'. We believe in the dreams and visions of creators like you all over the globe, and we're fueling those passions with a staggering $250,000 prize pool.

👉 Find all the details at

Alba is now open to the public

The generative art platform started as a curated marketplace with two shows (Flatlands and Strange Skies, curated by Haiver) early this year. They kept working on transitioning to an open marketplace and recently opened to everyone.

All artists can use their artists’ dashboards and release generative artwork now.

(81-82-83-84) by Daniel Catt via Alba.

🎙Kaloh’s Podcast: Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

In case you missed it…

Last week, I talked to the duo whose career spans three decades. The McCoys' work has been widely exhibited in the US and internationally, and their creations are part of some of the most important collections in the world, such as the MoMA and the Met.

In 2014, Kevin coined the idea of an NFT named Quantum, which sold at Sothyby’s for $1.4M in 2021.

Listen now on Apple, Spotify, Google, and YouTube.

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Until next time,

- Kaloh

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