The Intersection Between Computers and Humans Inspire Rudxane's Artwork

Learn more about the creator behind rings(∞), Tych, Disrupt, "unfinished", Garabatos and many more generative collections...

I was drawn to Rudxane work when I first saw his rings(∞) collection on FxHash, where he masterfully played with math to produce lines that generate special ringy effects. He is a software developer originally from Amsterdam, who finds inspiration in the intersection between computers and humans by taking simple themes to guide his abstract compositions.

How did you discover NFTs?

Started playing with NFTs around 2018 (Cryptokitties) for a short period and came back in summer 2021 again.

rings(∞) by rudxane

rings(∞) by rudxane

Rudxane was one of the FxHash early adopters, so early that his Bingo collection was the 5th ever minted series.

“Bingo is a series of 500 randomly generated "bingo" cards. Language unknown.”

What inspired your first collection, Bingo?

Bingo was an outtake of the main series I was working on back then, not knowing where to release it which ended up as Tych. Bingo is a single variation of "doodles" in a smaller format and different aspect ratios.

Each grid block gets assigned a random color, a visibility switch and hidden value, deciding if they are shown as black, color or hidden all together.

BINGO by rudxane.

BINGO by rudxane. This is his genesis collection on FxHash and the #5 ever minted collection there.

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Can you tell me a bit about your creation process?

I'm interested in the intersection between computers and humans. What makes a piece human-generated or computer-generated. What is the difference between the two of these.

Tych is an exploration between these two using core concepts from both; computer (grids and repetition) and human (misalignment and inconsistency).

Tych is an attempt to bring personality to a generative system. It combines grids, multiple variations, and palettes. Rudxane made a gallery that explains the design and meaning behind it.

Tych #76 by rudxane

Tych #76 by rudxane.

Who are your favorite NFT artists, and why?

dhof: on-chain experimentation, storytelling.

Matt DesLauriers: amazing work and doing active research to the wider crypto ecosystem

Nicolas Sassoon: complex simplicity and amazing use of color

"unfinished" #64 by rudxane

"unfinished" #64 by rudxane - The cheapest available unfinished NFT in the market is 50 Tezos (~$200).

When talking about his creative mindset, Rudxane structures his mind in two different groups.

My projects are sort of divided into two elements, more serious projects, and experiments.

Rings(), loop, and bingo for example use the full-color spectrum without boundaries. These are more plays on infinite color variations on a simple structure. While tych, disrupt, and unfinished are more curated to a concept with defined color palettes.

Disrupt #12 by rudxane

Disrupt #12 by rudxane

As an inspiration source example, he mentioned Gee’s Bend. He explored some of these historically and culturally rich patterns but isn’t sure how this exploration will turn out.

Gee’s Bend, Alabama residents are direct descendants of the enslaved people who worked the cotton plantation established in 1816 by Joseph Gee.

Gee’s Bend, Alabama residents are direct descendants of the enslaved people who worked the cotton plantation established in 1816 by Joseph Gee.

rudxane @rudxane1


1:09 AM ∙ Mar 6, 2022


Update: This article was updated on September 20th, 2022, as I had the chance to catch up with rudxane and learn more about his new projects.

Since March 2022 (the time of the original interview), rudxane has produced three new generative collections - Giant Steps, Grid Studies (for FxHash x Proof of People live minting experience in London), and Garabatos (for NFT Show Europe 22 in Valencia). Garabatos (doodles in Spanish) is a special drop as it is only 50 pieces and is inspired by traditional ceramics made in Valencia, Space.

Although Garabatos is a "small" drop of 50 pieces, it could have been a larger drop. The algorithm could handle that in terms of capacity, but I wanted to produce a small and highly diverse series and see how that plays out.

Garabatos is an exclusive drop to NFT Show

Garabatos is an exclusive drop to NFT Show Europe 22 VIP participants. It will be distributed over the following days, so stay tuned to explore the outputs.

Where is your mind at the moment? Is there anything special you have been working on?

I recently purchased an ink printer. I have been experimenting with it over the past months, making prints for myself. I would like to get very good at it to produce high-quality prints. For me, there is something special about bridging the gap between the digital and the physical world, so making prints is a great way to accomplish that.

I also have been working on a collab project for over five months. Hopefully, it will be ready soon. It is very different to work alone than to collaborate with other artists, but it is a different kind of reward and feeling as well. In terms of time, my average collection takes anywhere between two to four months, while doing a collab could take much longer.

If you would like to explore more about rudxane's work, check out his website and Twitter profile.

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