The Evolution of Art in the Age of NFTs and AI ft. Alex Estorick

Kaloh's Podcast | Alex Estorick is the founding Editor-in-Chief of Right Click Save, a publication about digital art with a readership of over 130,000.

Alex Estorick is the founding Editor-in-Chief of Right Click Save, a publication about digital art with a readership of over 130,000. He has developed groundbreaking courses on blockchain and NFTs and is a guest lecturer at prestigious institutions like Sotheby's Institute of Art and Imperial College London. A contributing editor for Art and Technology at Flash Art, he writes for various publications. In 2023, he was recognized for his philanthropic efforts in the crypto space through his initiative, reGEN, which supports artists in fighting degenerative diseases.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

Global Reach and Inclusivity (00:01:30) Embracing a global outlook in reporting and celebrating inclusivity in the web3 community.

Vision of Right Click Save (00:09:33) The publication's focus is on exploring new narratives, celebrating a community, and listening to diverse voices in the web3 space.

Role of an Editor (00:18:38) The editorial process involves form, language, and meaning, with a focus on magnifying the voice of writers and embracing community language.

Language and terminology in art (00:24:52) Discussion about the evolving language and contested terms used in the art world, including blockchain art, generative art, and AI art.

Defining art in the context of NFTs (00:29:04) Exploration of the impact of NFTs on traditional art concepts and the widening acceptance of digital practices as art.

Historical context of token economies (00:34:10) Comparison of NFTs with historical token economies, such as the Byzantine token, and the implications for art and alternative economies.

AI's impact on art and the post-human condition (00:38:35) The role of AI in art, the post-human condition, and the importance of understanding a post-human vision in art.

Challenges and accomplishments in the web3 art space (00:49:26) Discussion about the reGEN Initiative, an effort to address representation issues in the web3 art space, and the impact of initiatives like FemGen during Miami Basel.

Charitable Auctions (00:52:13) Success and challenges of hosting NFT auctions for charitable causes, the ethical component of web3, and the impact of cryptocurrency in fundraising.

Inspiring Artists (00:58:15) Recognition of artists Xelda Jara, Pamilo Ceirone, and Stephanie Dinkins, and the celebration of artists who have built careers outside the mainstream art world.

Art and Technology Integration (01:00:34) The integration of art and technology in web3, the potential for artists to shape the future of digital systems, and the positive impact of creative coding.

Ethical Components in Art and Tech Integration (01:04:35) The importance of not sacrificing the ethical code of the community in the integration of art and technology and the positive impact of the web3 community's ethics.

Mentioned: Bright Moments, Vertical, Right Click Save, Club NFT, snowfro, Nat Sarkissian, Melissa Wiederrecht, Robert Hodgin, Ana Maria Caballero, Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez, Danielle King, Memo Akten, Jason Bailey (aka Artnome).

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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