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A Based P1xelfool piece, exclusive raffle opportunity, finally a solid onchain game and more...

I'll keep the intro brief this week, so we can dive right into the gems. If you're new here, welcome to hidden gems—a weekly curation of on-chain art, products, content, and other interesting finds from the past week.

💎 Gem of the Day

zero:z by p1xelfool

Today's hidden gem is zero:z, a rare piece by p1xelfool on Base, part of the 'TEXTSCAPE: ASCII Art, Textmode & its derivates' group show -curated by Vienna Kim and Benoit Palop. Known for his colorful and animated pixelated shapes, p1xelfool is one of the first artists to explore, with great reception, this art form.

Originally from Brazil, he has been exhibited in most of the top digital galleries and events, such as Bright Moments, Art Basel, Feral FIle, Verse, Refraction, Quantum, among others.

This newsletter issue is sponsored by Studio asisi, the team behind Berlin-based artist Yadegar Asisi, who has been exhibiting the world's largest panoramas and creating immersive art for over 20 years.

His inaugural digital collection, Canvas Legacies, pays homage to the Impressionist movement and nimbly blends analogue and digital. Now minting on

Raffle Time: Studio Asisi has gifted 5 Canvas Legacies pieces to our community.

To participate, join the raffle using Pre-Mint. You must hold the HyperSub NFT Subscription.

👾 Game to Watch


I've been skeptical of onchain games because I haven't played anything that doesn't suck... Until today.

Petfrens combines Tamagotchi (for those old enough to remember) and Pokemon with a degen flavor.

I played for a bit, and finally found a decent, clean, and simple game to get the ball rolling. It can get addictive because it has in-game rewards (like making your pet more powerful) and crypto in the form of $PetPoints. Also, if you don't fit your pet every now and then, it will die...

👀 In case you missed it

Blockchain Layers and L3s

In the last deep dive, I went all in on blockchain layers and L3, as I felt I needed to understand why we need a new layer on top of L2s like Base, Arbitrum, and Polygon. I think there are compelling arguments, and whatever your role is in the space, understanding the backbone and technology will put you ahead.

Half of the article is for NFT Subscription holders.

🔨 Basement Builders

Physical assets on the Blockchain, AI, Flying cars, and more with July

Aleks and I had a fantastic conversation with July, founder of Faust and Roc. Roc is a reality oracle computer that notarizes reality onchain. Before his recent entrepreneurship endeavor, July was part of the team building autonomous flying cars at Kitty Hawk (Google).

He shared his journey of overcoming product and business challenges, the envisioned future of using AI and Blockchain to notarise reality onchain and an interesting story about Isaac Newton and shit coins.

That's it for today.

Remember to enter the raffle for Canvas Legacies by Studio Asisi here, and stay tuned; an exciting allowlist opportunity is around the corner.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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