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🎙The Process Behind AI Art ft. Roope Rainisto

Kaloh's Podcast | Roope Rainisto is a Finnish AI artist and designer, who fuses a design career, storytelling, and AI in his art.

Roope Rainisto is a Finnish AI artist and designer who fuses a design career, storytelling, and AI in his art. He is recognized for crafting iconic AI art collections, including ‘Life in West America’ in collaboration with BrainDrops. Before venturing into the art world, Roope worked as a designer at Microsoft and co-founded Varjo, a VR studio.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

Roope’s Background (00:00:44) Roope’s transition from a career in design to becoming an independent AI artist.

Exploring AI and Blockchain (00:03:22) Roope talks about his interest in AI and his gradual understanding of blockchain and NFTs.

Life in West America Collection (00:10:31) Roope explains the inspiration and impact of his "Life in West America" art collection.

Inspiration Behind "Vacation" Collection (00:14:59) Vacation, American culture and escapism.

Artistic Process and Curation (00:22:26) Roope details his creative process, including his art collection's incubation time and curation methods.

Curating art (00:28:59) Roope discusses his experience curating art for a show, highlighting the challenges and importance of curation and the value of fresh perspectives.

AI in filmmaking (00:35:50) Roope advocates for a hybrid approach and emphasizes the importance of storytelling.

Artistic inspiration (00:47:21) Roope shares three artists who inspire him: Franz Kafka for his unique perspective, David Lynch for his dreamlike art, and Queen for their authenticity.

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- Kaloh

Mentioned: Stable Diffusion, Robert Frank, Lars Von Trier, Opensea, Right Click Save, Photoshop, Lightroom, Midjourney, Franz Kafka, David Lynch, Verse, Queen, Fellowship, Braindrops.

Collections: Vacation, Life in West America.

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