Refer your friends and earn benefits!

+ two new - weekly and monthly - article series!

Hello friends,

I’ve got some exciting news to share today…

Introducing Kaloh’s Newsletter Referral Program

I’ve been creating a smooth way for you to refer your friends & family to my newsletter and earn benefits in return. This is an excellent way to help me grow the community and help spread the digital art movement.

Refer your friends to Kaloh’s Newsletter and earn benefits!


  • Refer 1 friend: get the monthly “Artists to Watch Issue”, where I’ll share talented artists I discovered over the past month.

  • Refer 5 friends: access my Discord server —where the community meets to talk about digital art, share upcoming mints, discuss new trends, and more.

  • Refer 10 friends: 50% discount on monthly or yearly subscriptions.

  • Refer 25 friends: Kaloh’s mug delivered to your home —gm and enjoy your coffee!

  • Refer 50 friends: lifetime, premium subscription!

kaloh's mug

I can’t wait to get this Mug out there (25 referrals get you one delivered to your home).

How to Start Referring?

  1. Go to:

  2. Get your unique link (using your subscription email)

  3. Share your link on your social media or directly.

Easy. Right?

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New Series

Starting soon, you will receive two additional series in your inbox.

Monthly Artists to Watch

As you probably noticed from the benefits, this is a new series where I’ll share talented digital artists I discovered over the past month. I’ve been writing the first one for a few days; it should be ready in five days!

This issue will be for premium members or subscribers that referred at least one friend.

Monday’s Digital Art Market Report

If you have been paying attention, you probably have seen Kaloh’s Space by now. This open tool lets you smoothly navigate blockchain art data, content, and events.

Starting soon, you will get brief updates - every Monday - containing the highest sales, floor changes, upcoming drops (curated by the community on Discord), exciting content, events, and more — powered by that tool!

Some of Monday’s Market Reports or parts will be for Premium subscribers only.

That’s it for today…

I’ll drop the referral program link one more time 👇

Refer your friends here

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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