Protect your NFTs! ft Artnome

Artnome is a thought leader in the NFT art space, promoting technology, artists, and blockchain art since 2017. He founded, Right Click Save and Club NFT

Jason Bailey, aka Artnome, is a thought leader in the NFT art space. He has been promoting technology, artists, and blockchain art since 2017. Jason founded the popular blog, where he triggered an art analytics revolution. Jason is also the co-founder and CEO of Right Click Save, a publication that focuses on dialog around digital art, and Club NFT, a software company that creates tools for digital collectors.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

[0:55] How living in the woods and rural areas helps with disconnecting and staying fresh.

[2:05] How did Jason get started in the art world? Painting as a young kid and going to art school.

[6:45] Why he created a huge art database about data from the 20th century. His name, Artnome, was inspired by the genome but for art. He created to share insights about the data in his database.

[10:35] A friend told him about blockchain and how it helps with authentication, a similar topic he was tackling with his art database. That led Jason to write the blockchain art market is here.

[14:20] Co-founding Right Click Save (RCS), what’s the vision behind it, and how Jason and Alex Estorick (RCS Editor-in-Chief) designed this publication.

[18:35] How do you fund a publication like Right Click Save?

[22:05] Three problems Artnome is trying to solve for serious NFT collectors via his company, Club NFT.

[29:00] Collecting xCopy first NFT and losing it after the marketplace shut down.

[35:00] Why is the onboarding problem so hard to solve?

[39:00] The state of generative art according to Artnome. Mentioned: Casey Reas, Vera Molnar.

[42:00] Artists and art Jason is interested in Santiago, udntknowwhoweare, HUMAN KERNEL, Anna Lucia, Operator, James Paterson, Stephen Ramsay, and Jason Salavon.

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- Kaloh

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