Proof Grails IV reveal, Cozomo de' Medici and DeeKay 50k mints on Coinbase's Base and more

In case you missed it: 5 things worth sharing from the generative art world

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Hola amigos!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Plenty of things happened in the generative art space over the past week. Here is a summary of 5 things I thought were worth sharing:

1. [Kaloh’s Podcast] Mitchell F. Chan & ciphrd

Last week, I was joined by Mitchell F. Chan and ciphrd for two exciting episodes:

This Monday, I will chat with AI poet and writer Sasha Stiles. Set a reminder for the Twitter Space here.

The guest for Episode #8 will be Sasha Stiles. Join us to learn about Sasha’s journey writing with AI since 2018.

2. [Upcoming Collection] The Boys of Summer by Mitchell F. Chan via Wildxyz

Last week, I shared an overview of Mitchell F. Chan's upcoming collection, ‘The Boys of Summer’, in partnership with — There is an exclusive allowlist for newsletter readers included.

3. [Hot Drop] ‘New Era ETH’ by DeeKay and Cozomo de’ Medici via Base

DeeKay released his first-ever 24-hour open edition — New Era ETH — in partnership with Cozomo de’ Medici via Coinbase L2 chain (Base). Over 45k objects were minted, despite link and website censorship from the main social networks.

New Era is a celebration of the inevitable future where crypto will be currency and art will be digital. New Era (ETH) and New Era (BTC) together form the New Era Set.

ImageNew Era ETH by DeeKay and Cozomo de’ Medici via Base.

New Era ETH by DeeKay and Cozomo de’ Medici via Base.

4. [Hot Collection] Proof Grails Season IV: 20 Artists. 20 Artworks.

The 20 artists were revealed, including names featured in this newsletter, like Yazid, goldcat, Roope Rainisto, Kim Asendorf, and Casey Reas.

Watch the whole show below 👇

5. [Hot Collection] ecologías by Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez via Unit London

Marcelo released three fxhash collections (on Tezos) and two 1/1s on Ethereum. He created a link between the two blockchains. “The ETH pieces will be distorted if they can't connect to the fxhash API or if the activity in the pieces is low or nonexistent.”

ecologías F1 by Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez.

ecologías F1 by Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez.

An ecology is the relationships between species and their environment. I reflect on diversity and balance as necessary parts of any ecology, and the advent of new species. So I created a collection of different ecologies for the occasion.

Read the full thread by Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez here.

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- Kaloh

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