Possibility Spaces debuts on Sovrn Art, Pindar Van Arman's Studio

5 things worth sharing about gen and AI art...

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Unfortunately, not everything is great news, as I tested positive for COVID and had to take some days off. I’m feeling much better today after plenty of sleep…

Here are 5 things I thought were worth sharing about generative and AI art:

Last week, I chatted about the state of the NFT art market and culture with María Paula.

  • Next week, I will host 2 Twitter Spaces. On Monday, I’ll be joined by Mitchell F Chan.

Next Monday, I will chat with Mitchell F Chan about his upcoming collection, Boys of Summer. Set a reminder to the Twitter Space here.

  • Next Tuesday, Ciphrd will join the Podcast to tell us more about fxhash 2.0, his generative art practice, and more.

Next Tuesday, ciphrd —fxhash co-founder— will join the Podcast to chat about fxhash 2.0. Set a reminder here.

2. Five Digital Artists to Watch

Last week, I shared the 5 Digital Artists to Watch July issue. This issue is for premium members or those that referred at least one friend over the past month.

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3. [Hot Collection] Possibility Spaces by Look Highward via sovrn.art

The art explores the human experience as seen through the mind's eye of machine learning, set across twenty-seven diverse realms of deep zoomable images. Please dive in to explore the full zoomable images on https://www.airtists.com/

Possibility Spaces by Look Highward via sovrn.art

This AI collection was released on Sovrn Art, a drop studio founded by Pindar Van Arman and led by Justin Highland and Ezra Shibboleth. It consists of 555 pieces, has a floor of 0.22 ETH, and commanded over 50 ETH in secondary volume (on OpenSea).

Possibility Spaces by Look Highward via sovrn.art

Possibility Spaces by Look Highward via sovrn.art

4. [Upcoming Collection] Fold by rudxane via GrailersDAO

Fold by rudxane will be released in collab with GrailersDAO.

  • When? August 8th

  • Size? 400 pieces.

Fold by rudxane via GrailersDAO

Fold by rudxane via GrailersDAO.

5. [Interesting read] SuperRare Zack analysis from the previous bear market

I found the following analysis by SuperRare Zack (SVP at Super Rare) fascinating…

The biggest differences between building in this bear market and the last bear market from my perspective:


During my first year with SR the price of ETH fell from $800 to $80. While it was scary as hell as a first time bear market-er, it didn’t really affect much on SR because the few people that were here at the time didn’t care about the money. We were all just having fun supporting friends on the internet dreaming of what this could all some day be. Selling a work for $10 was exciting, let alone $100. Nobody ever talked about the crypto market or ETH prices - it was truly all about the art and the friendships. Getting back even a fraction of that magic would serve us all well.

Read full tweet here…

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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