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Pepe has stormed the crypto world with a $5.4B market cap

Hi friends,

Today put together a shocking chart that compares the state of the digital art market and... memes. Things have changed over the past year and this image is worth a thousand words.

Inspired by punk9059 chart.

What's going on here?


  1. Memes will always be memes. Their virality is hard to match.

  2. Most of the people in crypto are here to make money and meme-coins seem to be the right vehicle today.

  3. We are also living in a fancy gamblers paradise.

  4. In the 2021 bull market, digital art, generative art, and pfps where the vehicles of choice to make a profit.

Does this mean that digital art is dead? Of course not, but expectations should be adjusted. Be aware that huge portion of the volume was coming from speculative and gambling motives.

On another note...

📈 Onchain Charts

I had a blast making this chart and noticed how long it has been since I got my hands dirty with datasets and numbers. So I'll force myself to share more destilled data via 'Onchain Charts.'

You can mint them on Zora and follow along via /onchain-charts Farcaster's channel.

Not sure if I can making them daily like Beeple or 0xdesigner, but I'll try.

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Until next time,

- Kaloh

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