My Generative Art Shopping List for fxhash 2.0

Here is my gen art shortlist for the upcoming month.

And just like that, the last month of the year is here…

As you know from my latest podcast episode and issue, I think December will be huge for generative art. fxhash is launching its ETH integration tomorrow, opening the doors to over 100 new generative art collections over a month.

In this issue, I highlight six collections I am paying attention to during the upcoming month.

These pieces are based on my taste (very subjective), the artist’s intention, vision, and previous work. I also looked for uniqueness — have I seen something like this before?

Before getting into it, here are two reminders:

  • Plenty of collections have one preview, no context, no pricing or sizing, or aren’t in the release calendar yet. Unfortunately, I don’t have complete information at this time.

  • Remember, this isn’t financial advice, and always do your own research.

? by ciphrd and Alex Mordvintsev

fxhash founder joined forces with Alex Mordvintsev, a Google engineer known for creating DeepDream and obsessed with ‘artificial life and self-organizing systems.’ If you have been following Ciphrd’s work, you know that defines his interests, too.

This will be an open edition; although only a few ‘WIPs’ have been shared, and the name is still a mystery, I couldn’t leave it out of the list.

Confluencias by Mario Carrillo

I had the chance to meet Mario at Bright Moments Mexico City and have been following his practice since then. His Instagram account and website are filled with his generative animations, which he describes as ‘ongoing research on perpetual motion, presenting a serene animation where form and color harmonize seamlessly.’

Confluencias — preview 1Confluencias by Mario Carrillo

Confluencias by Mario Carrillo. The actual outputs will be animated.

I’ve been waiting for a while to collect works from Mario because he doesn’t mint or list too often.

Casey mentioned this artwork during the podcast episode a couple of months ago, and it is great to see it come to life for this occasion.

“It Doesn't Exist (In Any Other Form)” exhibition at the bitforms gallery in New York on view 9 November 2023 – 20 January 2024.

There’s No Distance by Casey Reas—image courtesy of bitforms gallery.

“It Doesn't Exist (In Any Other Form)” exhibition at the bitforms gallery in New York on view 9 November 2023 – 20 January 2024. The exhibition is the culmination of the artist’s Still Life series, a body of work debuted at the gallery in 2016. Exhibited works also include generative, blockchain-based artworks, video, plotter drawings, and woodblock prints.

Learn more about this show here.

Forma y Orden by Juan Rodríguez García (in partnership with Artxcode)

A pretty unique collection —both in the generative art and also in Juan’s practice — Forma y Orden goes beyond the pure representation of chairs and people to make a reflection between order, usability, and aesthetics. The Mexican artist invites us to question the order represented by an algorithm in the digital and physical context.

Forma y Orden by Juan Rodríguez García

Forma y Orden by Juan Rodríguez García (in partnership with Artxcode).

This also marks the first collaboration between Juan and the generative art house Artxcode.

Blokkendoos by Piter Pasma (in partnership with Tender)

Another impressive feat by the Dutch artist, who has become a master of clean, simple, and condensed code. Piter referenced his iconic Art Blocks Curated collection to emphasize his new feat.

Blokkendoos 6358 characters means I beat Skulptuur.

(which is 6370 chars) though I still need to add the output features, but Skulptuur didn't include the feature script either).

Blokkendoos by Piter Pasma, in partnership with Tender

Blokkendoos by Piter Pasma.

Blokkendoos uses a global illumination Monte Carlo path tracer made with less than 10 KB of code, math, no libraries, just a browser.

Depot by Michael Connolly

Michael Connolly, also known as xiiixiii, comes back with another abstract and minimal composition. This time, the British artist references a depot, a place to store large quantities of equipment, food, or goods.

If you are looking for more of his works, Elementals is his presentation card on Art Blocks Curated and Repeater on fxhash.

Depot by Michael Connolly.

Depot by Michael Connolly - photo courtesy of the artist.

Michael has been preparing some prints for his online print shop, so it seems Depot will be available for shipping.

Honorable Mentions

It was tough to come up with a shortlist.

The following artworks are pretty interesting, too. In some cases, I didn’t have enough information. I urge you to appreciate them, too.

I would love to hear your thoughts; what are you paying attention to during this month?

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Until next time,

- Kaloh

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