Must Watch Exhibitions: Between Heaven and Earth and Nostalgia

5 things worth sharing about generative and AI art...

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Happy Monday, everyone!

I had a busy week: concluding the Blind Gallery Vistas Edition and setting up my studio to launch a new version of the Podcast —I’ve been preparing this for a while and can’t wait to share more details.

Here are 5 things I thought were worth sharing about generative and AI art:

1. 5 Digital Artists to Watch: August 2023

Last week, I shared the monthly 5 Digital Artists to Watch issue, consisting of exciting artists worth watching. This series is for premium members only 🔐

I revealed the artists featured in July: Erin Wajufos, Uczine, Pale kirill, Daniel Jerome Obispo, and Carlo Lato.

2. Kaloh’s Podcast: Ivona Tau & Artnome

The last Podcast Episode with Ivona Tau is a must-listen for all AI artists and collectors (she shared some of her secrets!).

I’m thrilled to share that Jason Bailey, aka Artnome, will be the upcoming guest. He has been collecting digital art way before it was cool and is Right Click Save, Club NFT, and founder.

Episode 12: Artnome is an OG collector and Right Click Save, Club NFT, and co-founder.

Join us live for the Podcast recording here.

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The Blind Gallery x Feral File Vistas Edition (curated by Casey Reas and yours truly) came to an end after the artists and artworks were revealed last week.

Here is the list of collections and their respective creators:

Enchanted #74 by Aleksandra Jovanić.

Enchanted #74 by Aleksandra Jovanić - Part of Blind Gallery x Feral File Vistas Edition.

4. [Hot Collections] Between Heaven and Earth by Forever Projects via

Last week, Forever Projects curated a world in Foundation with a great lineup of generative and AI artists: BlankEmbrace, ElsifThen, Nat Sarkissian, nocellcoverage, Willard, Wrenn.

If you aren’t familiar with Foundation worlds, it is a way to curate exhibitions, the curator takes a cut, and Foundation handles the technology and sales process.

Collective Landscape by Willard is a 30-piece generative artwork that will be revealed this week.

Collective Landscape by Willard is a 30-piece generative artwork that will be revealed this week.

Between Heaven and Earth features works by artists exploring the beauty of our world through AI and generative art. At the heart of our first moment lies an exploration of the juncture where the terrestrial meets the celestial, culminating in a dreamlike tableau of digitally rendered landscapes.

Forever Projects

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5. Exhibition /001 - Nostalgia via Skalda

Skalda, a new gallery focussed on AI art, released Nostalgia to great reception.

SkaldaAI’s inaugural exhibition explores the concept of nostalgia and celebrates the inherent power of this idea as a catalyst for deep reflection and meaningful dialogue in this new age of Artificial Intelligence.

Featuring: lilyillo, g0naji, delta_sauce, Negar_sep, palekiril

Curated by Chris Maestas aka _0_0_0_9_

Delta Sauce banner

Memories by Delta Sauce was part of Nostalgia via Skalda.

It has been a while since I tackled market analyses. Starting the Podcast and running the Blind Gallery made it hard to fit that into my schedule (the “bear” also played a part as it seemed less relevant).

I’ll be doing more market analyses, with a focus on A) understanding what is happening across the different blockchains and platforms in the generative and AI art space and B) spotting opportunities and overlooked artists and collections.

Stay tuned…

- Kaloh

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