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💎 hidden gems: An Art Gathering in the Mediterranean Sea

The Wild Within and a short story that got me motivated about onchain art...

Hello friends,

Before diving into today's gems, here is a quick story.

I just came back from a weekend trip to Cologne, Germany. I attended a friend's wedding, where I reconnected with old friends and met a quite diverse group of people. I'm sharing this story because I found myself explaining what I'm doing these days, and the reactions were encouraging...

I'll share why in a bit, but first, let's move on to today's curation of onchain art, products, content, and events.

💎 Gem of the Day

The Wild Within by Ryan Koopmans and Alice Wexell

Ryan Koopmans & his partner Alice Wexell are the creators of The Wild Within, a series of digital artworks that bring new life into abandoned buildings from a bygone era. The project started in 2021 and will finish in 2030.

During this period, they journey around the world, exploring ruins of locations that have experienced dramatic transitions. Upon their return, they digitally alter the pieces "with the intention of reviving the empty spaces, essentially bringing life back into the rooms."

Between each release, they collaborate with other artists, like the decentralized AI artist, Botto.

The Enchanted Hour by Ryan Koopmans and Alice Wexell (visit the website for enjoy the animation with sound).

Here is a short video of Ryan and Alice in action somewhere in Italy.

Upcoming Event

Medseart in Menorca, Spain

I've been supporting Medseart founders David and Paco putting together an art gathering in Menorca, Spain.

A fantastic list of artists will be joining this event, including Ana María Caballero, Anna Carreras, @PowerDada, Dario Lanza, Ganbrood, Ira Greenberg, Iskra Velitchkova, Linda Dounia, Marcelo Rodriguez Soria, Quasimondo, Norrie Harman, p1xelfool, Roope Rainisto, seohyo.

The Collector's Pass gives you access to 'Tierra del Toro,' an AI work by DocT, multiple gatherings, cultural events, and more. You can purchase a Collector's Pass here.

🎧 Kaloh's Podcast

Erratic keyboard tapping and mouse clicking ft. Fingacode

Last week, I shared a conversation with Junior Ngoma, aka Fingacode. We discussed his beginnings in the music industry and creative coding, collaborating with Bright Moments and Proof, and how his recent trips to Morocco and Cameroon have influenced his art.

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📊 Market Analysis

Bright Moments

I shared a deep dive on Bright Moments, covering:

  • A notion spreadsheet with all the artists, collections, and stats (volume, floors, supply, URLs) organized by categories, art type, cities, and more.

  • Most acclaimed collections according to the numbers.

  • My personal favorite collections.

This article is for HyperSub NFT subscribers. Get a subscription here to join my inner community, unlock premium content, receive my podcast as an airdrop, and more...

Coming back to the story...

It turns out that people were quite intrigued about what we are doing here in the onchain world.

Sharing photos and videos of generative art pieces from the Blind Gallery, like Aleksandra's Enchanted, Gastro-Chic Universe 'AuntieVerse' by NiceAunties, and minting a Crypto Citizen in an impressive cathedral in Venice, were all met with wows!

Bitcoin, making money, or the word 'decentralization' weren't part of the conversations. It was the tangibles and real experiences that piqued people’s interest.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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