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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share two quick pieces of news about the Premium Subscription benefits and a limited 20% discount on premium subscriptions!

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  1. This week, I added the AI channel to my Discord server. This is where the community of premium members gets together to chat about generative art and, from now on, AI art as well.

    We also have an upcoming mints channel (curated by the community) and an artists channel, where artists can share their art, received feedback from collectors, and more.

  2. The team behind the Lens protocol gifted me handles to share with my community. All premium members will receive a Lens handle - available until March 10.

    Lens is a social graph protocol that runs on Polygon. You need a handle (it is like an ENS or Tezos domain) to access it, but Lens handles can’t be acquired publicly.

Lens Protocol: The Next Generation of Social Media? | by Bitpush News |  Medium

Consider becoming a premium subscriber to get these benefits and support my writing ✌️

Get 20% off for 1 year

What you’ll get:

  • Receive premium and public posts and unlock the full archive.

  • Access to my private Discord server with +250 NFT enthusiasts.

  • Participate in surprise giveaways.

Talk to you soon!

- Kaloh

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