Ledger Hacked: What We Know Right Now

Hello everyone,

Here is a quick update due to the Ledger hack that was just reported.

Official announcement from Ledger:

“We have identified and removed a malicious version of the Ledger Connect Kit.

A genuine version is being pushed to replace the malicious file now. Do not interact with any dApps for the moment. We will keep you informed as the situation evolves. Your Ledger device and Ledger Live were not compromised.

Source: posted on X.

As you might know, fxhash 2.0 launched today. The team says it is safe to interact with fxhash; use a burner or secondary wallet for extra security.

Official announcement from fxhash:

“We are aware of the ongoing ledger connect kit exploit.

fxhash does not use Ledger connect kit so if you are using fxhash, there is no issue, and you are safe. moreover, Ledger is pushing a fix for this right now (double safe).

you should never interact with web3 from a cold wallet/your ledger anyway.

Source: posted on Discord.

I’ll be sharing more updates in this thread.

Stay safe!

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