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The Architect's Journey into Generative Art ft. Jacek Markusiewicz

Kaloh's Podcast | Jacek Markusiewicz is an architect, artist, and creative coder who blends traditional and modern techniques.

Jacek Markusiewicz is an architect, artist, and creative coder who blends traditional and modern techniques. He graduated from Warsaw University of Technology and earned a Master's in Advanced Architecture at IaaC Barcelona. Skilled in parametric architecture, programming, and responsive design, Markusiewicz has worked on various art collections such as "Hollow" and "Barbarians," utilizing platforms like Bright Moments, Fxhash,, Verse, and more. Additionally, he has played a role in international architecture projects in Barcelona, Warsaw, and Beirut. Markusiewicz also shares his expertise as a lecturer at the Warsaw University of Technology and IaaC, maintaining strong ties with academia.

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In today's episode, we discuss:

Jacek’s Background and Name (00:00:49) Jacek shares his Polish background and his difficult-to-pronounce surname, Markusiewicz.

Transition into Generative Art (00:07:26) Jacek talks about his transition from teaching architecture to creating generative art.

Discovering NFTs (00:11:19) Jacek discusses how he discovered NFTs and his preference for releasing her art in digital format.

Parametric Design in Architecture (00:05:01) Jacek explains the concept of parametric design in architecture and its application.

Influence of Parametric Design (00:15:28) Jacek talks about the connection between parametric design in architecture and generative art.

Critique and Tribute in "Hollow" Collection (00:26:32) Jacek discusses his "Hollow" collection, which serves as both a tribute and a critique of the Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida's ambitious vision.

Hollow (00:27:56) Jacek discusses creating digital mountains as a new life for art and the controversy behind modifying natural formations.

Birds in Hollow (00:29:18) The concept of birds in the Hollow collection and the technique of coding their movement using a flock algorithm.

Development of Projects (00:31:22) Jacek’s process of spending months developing his work and his intensive relationship with each piece.

When is it Done? (00:34:10) The struggle of knowing when a project is ready for release and the emotional attachment to the work.

Cantera (00:37:22) Jacek’s collaboration with Bright Moments and the inspiration behind the Cantera project, exploring human intervention in natural landscapes.

Barbarians (00:40:46) Jacek’s new collection, Barbarians, and its exploration of human intervention in natural landscapes.

Mentioned: Warsaw University of Technology, IaaC, Hollow, Barbarians, ArtBlocks, Fxhash,, Verse, Reborn, Unbuilt, Cantera, Eduardo Chillida, Zaha Hadid, Patrik Schumacher, AutoCAD, Tezos, Bright Moments, Luis E. Fraguada, Alex Estorick, Maya Lin, El Anatsui.

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