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The Art of Photography Meets Crypto Trading ft. Joelle JB

Kaloh's Podcast | Joelle LB is a photographer, collector, and crypto trader whose work focuses on minimalist landscapes and astrophotography.

Joelle LB is a photographer and collector whose work focuses on minimalist landscapes and astrophotography. Her creative journey began in fashion design before she shifted to photography during a career break from finance. She entered the Web3 space in 2021 and has become a prolific trader and investor.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

Transition into NFTs (00:02:06) Joelle shares her journey from being a food photographer and recipe developer, transitioning to landscape photography, and eventually joining the NFT community.

Initial Resistance to NFTs (00:03:39) Joelle discusses her initial resistance to NFTs due to concerns about environmental impact and her eventual transition into the NFT community in mid-July 2021.

Transition into Trading (00:08:13) Joelle shares her background as a financial advisor and her transition into trading after a car accident, leading her to explore a more creative path.

AI Content Creation and Projects (00:22:15) Joelle shares her experiences with AI content creation, overcoming challenges in the photography community, and her involvement in a lucrative AI content creation project during the bear market.

Building a Web3 Project (00:25:52) Joelle discusses her plans for a web3 project and her desire to focus on physical exhibitions to onboard more people to the NFT community.

Art on Solana and Diversifying Chains (00:34:43) Joelle discusses her experiences with art on Solana, and the potential for artists to experiment with different chains.

Community Interactions and Farcaster (00:41:45) The benefits of community interactions in platforms like Farcaster and the significance of curated channels for different art styles and trading discussions.

Inspirational Artists (00:42:50) Joelle highlights photographers Reuben and Claire, and French artist Louis as inspirations for pushing creative boundaries and sharing knowledge within the art community.

Artists: Reuben Wu, Claire Silver, Cath Simard.

Mentioned: Uniswap, Solana, Tezos, Jupiter, Midjourney, Art Basel, Farcaster, Base.

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- Kaloh

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