Ivona Tau's latest BrainDrops collection, N=12 by Feral File and more!

Here is the generative art weekly digest, with 5 things worth sharing...

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gm amigos!

I hope your weekend is going well.

I’ve been using the time to move and settle into my new place. Remember I told you I was working on a new studio? It is still a few weeks from being ready, but we are getting there!

Let’s get to the generative art weekly digest. Here are 5 things I thought were worth sharing:

1. Kaloh’s Podcast: An exciting chat with artists, collector and curator ClownVamp

  • I had the chance to chat with ClownVamp. Listen to the episode below.

  • On Monday, I‘ll be joined by Seth Goldstein, Bright Moments founder.

Set a reminder here.


Tune in on Monday at 7 pm UTC - Seth will join me to chat about Bright Moments and much more. Set a reminder here.

2. Kaloh’s Space

I shared two exciting new features of Kaloh’s Space — it is still in Beta, so the data might be a bit off.

If you aren’t familiar with Kaloh’s Space, it lets you navigate generative art collections across different marketplaces, curated upcoming events, and content.

  • Art Blocks integration is live! It lets you easily spot trendy collections and artists across different timeframes.

  • You can switch stats from crypto coins to USD (a widely popular request).

Kaloh’s Space now supports Art Blocks!

Kaloh’s Space now supports Art Blocks!

3. Dominoes in Fluxus by Ivona Tau via BrainDrops

This work explores the concept of parallel realities and the paths we choose, reflecting on the multiple beginnings and various ends that compose our individual narratives.

Dominoes in Fluxus by Ivona Tau

Ivona debuted on BrainDrops — I wrote about BrainDrops here —with a 500 AI-generated pieces series. The floor is currently 0.11 ETH, and it has commanded a volume of 8 ETH (reported by OpenSea).

152-671 Eternal Horizons Stretching Beyond Reach

152-671 Eternal Horizons Stretching Beyond Reach by Ivona Tau.

The technical details and process are remarkably particular; here are a few words from Ivona:

I trained 10 different models with different parameters and after deep latent space explorations I settled on model no. 173 , trained for 274 epochs (roughly 4 days of training on a single GPU card). 

From the infinite number of images that model 173-274 could generate I hand picked 250 that I felt captured a unique moment in space and time. 

Out of 62 250 possible combinations to connect the still images I curated a set of 500 that result in this collection and are the foundational building blocks. 

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4. Klangteppich by Andreas Rau

Andreas Rau has been sharing photos of his physical Klangteppich, which are mesmerizing…

Klangteppich is live-generated audio and visuals. Simultaneously, the algorithm produces the instructions for the loom. You could weave every single frame of the animation. The first Klangteppich, hand-woven on a TC-2 loom

Andreas Rau


Klangteppich by Andreas Rau — Two weeks' worth of work.

5. [Upcoming Collection] N=12 group show via Feral File

N=12 is an experiment in building an intentional community, with twelve artists across seven time zones creating work while in constant dialogue with one another.

Notes from Aaron Penne, the curator of N=12

Featuring works from Elsif, Daniel Catt, Nadieh Bremer, ippsketch, Piter Pasma, Lia Coleman, RalenArc, Anna Lucia, Bart Simons.

When? Tuesday, July 25, 14:00 UTC

If you haven’t seen it, here is the introductory teaser by Casey Reas and Sean Moss-Pultz (Feral File Founders).

Until next time,

- Kaloh

PD: I got some great news today. Kaloh’s Podcast is doing well on Apple’s Visual Arts podcast list — #2 Norway!

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