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Kaloh's Podcast | Aleksandra is a creative producer who runs partnerships at and has curated multiple shows digitally and physically...

This was the first live-streamed episode, and we ran into technical issues with the audio. The issue will be fixed in the upcoming episode.

The good news is the podcast is now available on YouTube.

Aleksandra is a creative producer who runs partnerships at, a co-creation platform, and co-founded Electric Artefacts, a curatorial advisory that focused on Digital art and Blockchain projects. Aleksandra is also the Ambassador and former Director of Partnerships at .ART, the digital address for the arts community. She has curated shows digitally and physically, including Code Chronicles at Bitforms Gallery in NYC. Aleksandra holds a Master’s degree in Art Business from Sotheby's Institute of Art.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

[1:00] Experience from Alek’s recent trip to Korea for Seoul 2023 Arts and Blockchain Week.

[3:00] Differences between NFT and digital art events in America/Europe and Asia and thoughts on the language barrier for non-English speakers. Mentioned: Frieze.

[12:00] Does physical location matter in the digital art world for artists, collectors, curators, and art professionals? Mentioned Proof of People by Vertical.

[15:45] Alek’s beginning in art and how a Master’s in art from Sotheby’s art school was impactful in her career. Mentioned: CADAF.

[22:50] Differences between the traditional art market and the digital art market. Dutch Auctions are applied very differently in both worlds. “It seems that they are applying the old principles without embracing the new principles.”

[25:30] Challenges from the digital art world. Mentioned: LeRandom, Artxcode.

[29:30] Curating a show for Bitforms Gallery in NYC. Mentioned: Dmitri Cherniak, Zach Kaplan, Rhizome, Michael O’Connor, Manfred Mohr, Beeple, Ana María Caballero, Sarah Friend, Sara Ludy, LIA, Maya Man, Sarah Ridgley, Helena Sarin, and Ivona Tau.

[37:00] How to start curating?

[42:30] How Joyn helps you collaborate, showcase, and create.

[46:00] AI portrait series and Alek’s experience creating and releasing her own art.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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