In Case You Missed It: Non Fungible Conference 23

6 artists and artworks worth sharing + a bonus upcoming collection...

I just returned from a fantastic time at the Non Fungible Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Nothing compares to meeting readers, artists, collectors, founders, and many creative minds in one place. If you are on the fence about going to any digital art and NFT shows, I guarantee you will go back home energized.

In today’s weekly digest, I would like to focus on six artworks and artists worth sharing from the conference (and a bonus collection coming out in a few days).

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Agoria Bio Generative DJ Set

The French DJ and digital artists closed day one with an electric set. What I found most exciting was seeing his Biological Generative Art live following the beats. — a new way to experience his art and his music. Should we call this a “Bio generative DJ set”?

This video doesn’t give it enough credit (apologies, but filming isn’t my thing!).

Coldie FAFO with MakersPlace

Besides being part of multiple talks, Coldie created a live piece, which consisted of producing AI prints and then manually altering them by cutting and burning. No clear goal in mind, or as he said, FAFO (Fuck Around and Find Out).

Coldie FAFO with MakersPlace.

Laurence Fuller Presenting Sparrow

Actor, poet, and artist Laurence Fuller joined the main stage to present his latest artwork, Sparrow—a new form of interactive storytelling that mixes poetry and artificial intelligence.

Laurence Fuller Presenting Sparrow

Laurence Fuller Presenting Sparrow.

Ivona Tau Trail of Data Doppelgängers

Ivona mixed AI-assisted techniques like image recognition, text, sound, and voice recognition to create an immersive experience that reflects on our contemporary society and the involvement of data collection.

Thomas Noya served as a creative assistant to this project.

Ivona Tau - Trail of Data Doppelgängers.

Ivona Tau - Trail of Data Doppelgängers.

Navette by Alexis André

The generative tapestries by Alexis had their booth right at the center of the central area. Seeing the digital and physical next to each other hit differently, and you can only wonder what the next digital-to-physical breakthrough would be —I heard rumors, waiting for confirmation before sharing….

Navette by Alexis André

Navette by Alexis André in collaboration with Trame, CPG, and Art Blocks Engine.

Vazk0’s Axiomata

I got to meet and eat dinner with an amazing group — thanks to Le Random’s MonkAnthony for organizing — including Portuguese artist Vask0, who released his fxhash genesis — Axiomata — while at the event. The diversity and cohesiveness are second to none.

Vazk0’s Axiomata.

Bonus: Information Age by r1b2

Community member R1b2 will release his upcoming generative collection — Information Age — via Artgene.

  • Price: 0.006 ETH.

  • Editions: Time-limited.

Bonus: Information Age by r1b2

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I’ve to say the event balanced quite well the art and the corporate, business, and networking portions, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Plenty of high-quality talks, exhibitions, and live demos ran simultaneously, and the schedule was truly well put together. Unfortunately, being everywhere wasn’t humanly possible, so I missed many interesting things.

The main stage area (where many previous artworks were presented) had a great setup as all the walls were massive digital screens accompanied by sound, creating an immersive experience that was hard to match.

Did you go to Non Fungible Conference? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

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- Kaloh

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