I Made My First (Deca) Gallery

Pieces that remind me of old times - for one reason or another.

Hello friends,

Today I made my first Deca Gallery. It is made out of pieces from my collection that remind me of old times.

It felt like making a Spotify playlist.

Sneak peek of Vintage by Kaloh on Deca Gallery.

Check it out 👉 https://deca.art/Kaloh/vintage

List of all the works and artists:


  • Punch-Cards by ElTono.

  • MILLS by Mark Knol.

  • Mid-Century Modern by Aleksandra Jovanić.

  • Selvedge by Philipp Bell.

  • SC 006, 6C 009, 18T 01, WS 01, L6CB 004 by Anna Beller.

  • Winter Jacket by Lisa Orth.

  • Aeuflu by Shvembldr.

  • Convergence by Estienne.

  • g l a s s by punevyr.

  • Stained Glass by x0y0z0.

  • polyline creatures ii by Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez.

  • Anamnesis by Landlines Art.

  • Hatched Forms by Yazid.

  • Concrete by Andreas Rau.

  • Unbuilt by Jacek Markusiewicz.

  • Growth v02 by Robert Hodgin.

  • Jardin by MJ Lindow.

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Other news:

  • The Blind Gallery Seed Edition collections can be minted now on fxhash - stunning outputs!

  • I have been working on a few issues ranging from AI art to Bitcoin NFTs (yes, you can mint on Bitcoin now!).

  • There is a pretty special airdrop in the works for premium members. Stay tuned!

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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