💎 hidden gems: Paris

Lightbreak by Luke Shannon, On NFTs Book by TASCHEN, algorithmic perfumes, and more...

Hello friends 👋,

Just got back from an amazing few days in Paris. Multiple blockchain-related events took place, headlined by Bright Moments and NFT Paris. I was really impressed by the vibe, the incredibly high attendance, and the quality of the events.

The future looks extremely bright for our space.

This hidden gems edition covers some of my favorite finds of the week…

💎 Gem of the day

Lightbreak by Luke Shannon via Bright Moments

Luke crafted a 100-piece masterpiece for Bright Moments, an artwork that transforms from amazing to outstanding when viewed on a high-quality display.

Lightbreak is an algorithm that deals with light, reflection, refraction, and self-reflection; a particle of light starts at a position in a direction and then interacts with itself; its path becomes boundaries for itself and other light.

Lightbreak by Luke Shannon via Bright Moments

This is an animated piece, so I highly recommend you open the original work in full-screen mode.

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📕 Interesting Read

On NFTs Book

Encompassing the entire NFTs ecosystem — from algorithmic art to avatars — the first major art history survey of this field includes 10 academic essays and richly illustrated profiles of 101 key artists. Connecting the disruptive contemporary medium to its art historical context, this volume offers a deep dive into the sphere of non-fungible tokens and is also available for purchase in crypto.

There are multiple formats, including Hard Cover Code Edition, Collector’s Edition, and 1-100 limited edition series from Sofia Crespo, Refik Anadol, Dmitri Cherniak and Osinachi.

🔥 Product to Watch

Algorithmic Perfumery via Metaversal

During the Metaversal side event, a machine that produces AI-generated perfume according to your personality was displayed as a performance. To get your perfumes (3 bottles for $40), you had to answer a personality 10-question test, which would be used as the input.

Learn more here.


Thanks to ClownVamp for the alpha. Talking about ClownVamp, he has a new AI collection coming out in a few weeks called PUPPIES.

🎙 Kaloh’s Podcast

The Artist Journal ft. Adrian Pocobelli

Last week, Adrian Pocobelli joined the podcast to share his journey as an artist and commentator for the Artist Journal, a talk show where he curates and critiques digital art.

Listen now on Apple, Spotify, Google, and YouTube.

🐢 Meme

I met Kevin at NFT Paris

I saw Kevin wandering the floor at NFT Paris and had to take a selfie.

Hanging out with Kevin at NFT Paris

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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