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💎 hidden gems: hic et nunc vibes

An abstract creator to watch, Oona's conversation, $GOAT meme and more...

gm and happy Monday!

For all the new joiners (+500 since last week), the hidden gems is a weekly curation of onchain art, products, content, and events (sometimes memes).

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💎 Gem of the day

NwBrooZ-11-r3ll2-M by Civit

I’ve been spending some serious time exploring Zora and Base… The low fees, weird UI/UX, and tricky discovery hooked me. The combination has legit hic et nunc vibes for those who have been around for that long to remember.

Over the weekend, I discovered the art of Cinit, an illustrator, painter, and videomaker from Barcelona, Spain.

He has been releasing a series of characters called the BRROs, which remain pretty much under the radar.

30 days open mint for free (+protocol fees).

🔥 Creator to Watch

m/branson via HyperSub

An abstract artist who has been part of the inner community for a long time, M/branson recently created a HyperSub, where she shares monthly airdrops with her supporters.

subscribe to m/branson and receive monthly digital art, early access to moar art + entry into raffles for 1/1 art. there will be a group chat, there will be joy and eventually, a print shop discount too.

In just a few months, m/branson has received over 2.5 ETH in subscription revenue… Check it out below.

🎙 Kaloh’s Podcast

Look Touch Own ft. Oona

Last week, I spoke with anonymous conceptual artist Oona, who explores the intersections of technology, finance, gender, and identity through her moving images and performance art.

This is the first onchain podcast episode via Collect it here for free (+ protocol fees) here —Over 600 mints already!

📖 Interesting Content

Airdrop tax: Turning lemons into lemonade by Claus Wilke

Are you worried about airdrop taxes? Claus Wilke got you covered.

😁 Meme of the Week


A new meme emerged last week when Richard Opany bought a goat with revenue from Worldcoin in Africa. After sharing it online, he started to get funds via different crypto (including $degen tips) to continue buying goats for his farm.

The best of the whole thing? The goat’s names —base, higher, Aleph…

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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