💎 hidden gems: A lone 'Traveller'

Traveller by ykxotkx, a confusing meta for artists, collaborative pixel painting and more...

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Happy Sunday, and welcome back to another edition of the hidden gems. For all the new subscribers, this is where I share blockchain art, products, content, and sometimes memes that I discovered over the past week.

Let’s get into it…

💎 Gem of the day

Traveller by ykxotkx

Traveller is a reflection of ykxotkx’s deep admiration for science fiction and the journey of a lone traveler in an imagined universe. The style, reminiscent of pen sketches, is a detailed sketch created using code, mirroring the precision of pen sketches through the use of dots and lines.

Traveller by ykxotkx

Generative art collection (160 pieces), minted on fxhash, Tezos - June 3, 2022.

ykxotkx is Japanese generative artist and software developer. His creations usually portray incredibly detailed figurative landscapes and figures.

📕 Interesting Read

The Confusing Meta of Early 2024 Crypto-Art by sgt_slaughtermelon

Digital artist sgt_slaughtermelon wrote an interesting piece about the state of blockchain art from an artist's perspective. Highlighting the challenges and changes due to the rise of unique smart contracts for collections, artists now face a fragmented market that makes it hard to gauge success.

He points out that new strategies like AI-assisted discovery tools and subscription models are emerging, offering new ways for artists to connect with audiences.

🔥 Product to Watch


BasePaint is a shared pixel canvas. The community makes art for 24 hours.

After which, the artwork's canvas locks and an open edition NFT are available to mint for 24 hours. 90% of the profits of the OE are distributed to the artists, proportional to the number of pixels they painted. 10% goes to the protocol.

It is a pretty neat concept that runs on Base.


🎙 Kaloh’s Podcast

From Ink to Blockchain Poetry ft. Ana Maria Caballero

I had a great chat with Colombo-American poet Ana Maria Caballero. She shared details about her writing career, breaking boundaries in the blockchain literary space, and an exciting new project to be presented in Art Dubai.

Listen now on Apple, Spotify, Google, and YouTube.

🌎 Events

Bright Moments & NFT Paris - February 21st to 24th

Next week, I’ll be traveling to Paris for a few days of art and real-life blockchain experiences. I’m thrilled to see the Bright Moments collection, created by over 20 generative, AI, and crypto artists.

NFT Paris takes place at the same time; if you are considering going and don’t have tickets, use my special promo code (KALOH30) for a 30% discount.

Let me know if you are around, always happy to meet readers in real life

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