Herbert W. Franke's Tribute Surpasses Half a Million Dollars (Part 2)

Let's take a look at all the artists and tribute pieces...

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In my previous article, I shared a summary of Herbert W. Franke's career, and I’ve been putting together all the tribute data since then. This took longer than expected as there were nearly 5k pieces made by over 60 crypto artists across two blockchains and more than six marketplaces…

But we made it. Sort of...

Interstices, Plotter Graphics, 1985 by Vera Molnár

Interstices, Plotter Graphics, 1985 by Vera Molnár - The 98 years old artist donated a historical work from the series “Interstices” from the mid-1980s to the Foundation Herbert W. Franke collection.

Herbert W. Franke Tribute Market Analysis

My goal isn’t to have the exact numbers because it is hard to aggregate the volume across multiple platforms (especially on Ethereum). We can expect the actual numbers to be a bit higher. In addition, some artists didn’t release their tribute pieces on the blockchain or, in some cases, donated them directly to the Foundation, and we can’t track those cases easily.

General stats (approx.):

  • In total, more than 60 crypto artists created around 5k tokens.

  • The total volume across both blockchains (Ethereum and Tezos) until today (including primary and secondary sales) is $461k. This number doesn’t include donated artwork.

  • High-profile artists donated multiple pieces. For example, Vera Molnár, Snowfro (he donated a Squigle), and many long-time Herbert friends.

  • The artists donated 25%, 50%, or sometimes 100% of the proceeds. Sometimes from the primary sales, other times from the secondary sales too. Therefore, it is tough to calculate how much precisely went to the Foundation.

Chromie Squiggle #9289 by Snowfro

Chromie Squiggle #9289 by Snowfro was donated to Herbert W. Franke Foundation.

Top Herbert Franke Tributes by Volume

  • Jeff Davis - Rectangles (for Herbert) has a floor of 0.12 ETH and a total volume of 80 ETH (+$130k).

  • Zancan - A Long Thread has a floor of 470 Tezos and a total volume of +38k (+$53k).

  • Yazid - Ir/rational Beauty has a floor of 74 Tezos and a total volume of +35k Tezos (+$50k).

    Edit: Jan Robert Leegte reached out and clarified that JPEG #0 was auctioned as part of the tribute; not the whole collection as I originally thought.

Jan Robert Leegte (leegte.eth) @JanRobertLeegte

Tomorrow at 12.00 CEST I will hold a 24h auction for JPEG #0 with a reserve price of 0.15ETH. This as part of the Tribute to @HerbertWFranke curated by @postanika and Susanne Päch. All proceedings will be donated to the Foundation Herbert W. Franke. #TributeHerbertWFranke


3:00 PM ∙ Oct 19, 2022


My Personal Favorite Herbert W. Franke Tributes

All the tributes are outstanding, but I found some particularly interesting because they are somehow related to Herbert’s art.

  • Ryan Bell - Perpetuum 1/1, I think Ryan nailed Herbert’s style and innovated by releasing it as a 1/1 on FxHash. If you aren’t that familiar, FxHash is used to release long-form (or multiple outputs) generative art collections. Although Perpetuum could have created many outputs, the limit was set to 1.

Perpetuum 1/1 by Ryan Bell

Perpetuum 1/1 by Ryan Bell was released as a 1/1 piece on FxHash.

I kept thinking on my dj tour what kind of piece would honor Herbert W. Franke.

I wanted it minimal, pure and poetic.

I see my piece as an allegory: the legacy he is giving us, from a future that has always belonged to him.

{The future has always belonged to him} by Agoria

{The future has always belonged to him} by Agoria

There are many great pieces still available in the primary market; here is the list:

Bare di Cristallo by Stefano Contiero

Bare di Cristallo by Stefano Contiero is a re-imagination of the book cover for "Die Glasfalle", a novel by H. W. Franke.

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Herbert W. Franke Tribute participants and artworks on Tezos. 4.11.2022

Herbert W. Franke Tribute participants and artworks on Tezos. 4.11.2022.

Herbert W. Franke Tribute participants and artworks on Ethereum 4.11.2022

Herbert W. Franke Tribute participants and artworks on Ethereum 4.11.2022.


Overall, seeing how this event was put together is pretty exciting. In a few weeks, the Herbert W. Franke Foundation received an overwhelming response from participating artists and collectors. Computer art enthusiasts will remember this tribute and Herbert for a long time.

Congrats to everyone involved, especially Anika Meier and Herbert’s wife, Sussane Paech, for organizing such a big tribute.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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