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Creating an Onchain Luxury Fashion Brand: 9dcc ft. gmoney

Kaloh's Podcast | Gmoney is an influencer, NFT collector, and founder of 9dcc's NFT Luxury House, a pioneering crypto-based luxury brand.

gmoney is an influencer, NFT collector, and founder of 9dcc, a pioneering crypto-based luxury brand. Before breaking into the Web 3 space, gmoney was an investor and trader.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

gmoney's Background (00:00:00) gmoney discusses his background in equities and his entry into the crypto space in 2017.

Starting 9DCC (00:04:12) gmoney explains the inspiration behind starting 9DCC, a luxury fashion brand linked with NFTs, and his interest in merging fashion with blockchain technology.

Collaboration with Adidas (00:10:26) gmoney talks about his collaboration with Adidas and how it influenced his decision to create 9dcc.

Physical Stores and Community Engagement (00:17:13) gmoney shares his thoughts on physical stores and community engagement, including the concept of airdrops and their impact on the community.

Global Presence vs. Local Focus (00:20:46) The discussion about the global reach of 9DCC and the comparison to a local approach, referencing the success of the streetwear brand, The Hundreds.

Celebrity Influence and Adoption (00:22:31) gmoney shares insights on celebrity involvement in the crypto space and the importance of genuine passion in adoption efforts.

State of the Industry (00:26:26) The discussion shifts to the current state of the industry, with a focus on mainstream adoption and the role of experiences and utility in attracting more users.

Managing Risks and Financial Literacy (00:29:19) The importance of making crypto onboarding easier and empowering individuals with financial literacy and self-custody options.

Banking System Risks (00:30:22) gmoney discusses the risks associated with traditional banking systems and the advantages of self-custody in crypto.

Financial Education and Freedom (00:33:19) The discussion highlights the transformative power of crypto in providing financial education and freedom, as well as the broader implications for artists and collectors.

Artists: Snowfro, Jack Butcher, die with the most likes.

Mentioned: 9dcc, Adidas, Bradley Cooper, Chance the Rapper, FTX, FDIC insurance, Drakula, Farcaster, NFT NYC, Adam’s Bomb, Bobby Hundreds, Degen, Art Blocks.

- Kaloh

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