Generative Art Collections to Watch and fxhash 2.0 ft. Waiting to be Signed

Kaloh's Podcast | Will and Trinity host the Waiting to be Signed podcast and are some of the most knowledge collectors in the generative art world.

Will and Trinity are the hosts of the Waiting To Be Signed podcast. Through their podcast, they have documented, analyzed, and given context to the generative art movement, with a particular interest in fxhash. With over 100 episodes, including artists and collectors interviews, they’ve become one of the most knowledgeable collectors in the generative art scene.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

[1:30] Introduction to Waiting to be Signed, crossing over 100 episodes (±150 episodes) and their journey from the past 2 years (podcast anniversary will be on January 2024).

[4:50] General thoughts on fxhash 2.0 and what it means for generative art, Tezos collections, and more.

[8:00] Popular projects to watch, the methodology.

[9:45] Zancan and Garden, Monoliths analysis. Mentioned: (kinder)Garden, Monuments, Bugged Forest, Yazid, Fidenza, Squiggles, Ringers.

[17:30] William Mapan, Dragons analysis. Mentioned: LACMA, Bright Moments, verse, Anticyclone

[23:10] Ciphrd and RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton. Mentioned: <iFrames>, Ethereal Microcosm, FXHASH Logo with Features, FXHASH Generative Logo.

[28:20] Kim Asendorf and Reading a Book. Mentioned: Cargo, Zoom, Tr4ns4ctions, Monogrid 1.1 CE, Nazca, Flamingo DAO, Carpe Diem.

[32:30] Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez (msoriaro) and contrapuntos. Mentioned: Tocatta, Andreas Rau, entretiempos.

[40:00] Lars Wander, Iskra Velitchkova, Zach Lieberman: Mentioned: Horizon(te)s, Uninhabitable, Gossamer, Unfolded, Geode, Rhythm and the Machine, ArtxCode.

[42:06] Yazid, Automatism, Melissa Wiederrecht . Mentioned: Hashed Arcs, Hashed Cities, Lost Twins.

[43:45] Hidden Gems (or not so hidden) methodology according to Will and Trinity.

[44:30] Ivona Tau, Study of Atom. Mentioned: Mythic Latent Glitches, Kate Vass Galerie.

[47:50] Thomas Noya and Erik Swahn Mentioned: Ciudad Central, Farbteiler, Punktwelt, Fields, Funktor, Blind Gallery, Bright Moments, MonkAntony, Tender.

[53:10] Jeres, Coronado. Mentioned: Torrent, Jeres’ alt CC0 account.

[56:36] Casey Reas accessible series on fxhash. Mentioned: Vera Molnar, Bitforms Gallery, LACMA.


[102:55] Andreas Gysin: Towers. Mentioned: Device 1, Smooth Steps.

[103:15] Cyril Diagne: Waxing Crescents.

[104:08] Anna Lucia: Art For Walls In Public Spaces. Mentioned: The Secret Garden.

[105:25] Rudxane: Fold. Mentioned: Bingo, Tych, Grailers DAO.

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- Kaloh

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