fxhash Announces New Module, Ismahelio's Invisibles to Debut on Art Blocks and more...

Find out 5 things I thought were worth sharing from the digital art world...

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Happy Sunday, art fans!

Here is a curated list of 5 news from the digital art world I thought was worth sharing:

1. Last week, I spent more time on Bitcoin Ordinals, highlighting why they are growing quickly and six generative art collections to watch.

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2. fxhash announced their redeemable module.

A versatile framework that links generative artworks with onchain and off-chain actions. Sell prints, merchandise, and enable collectors to claim a deeper experience of your artwork.

Read the full thread here.

fxhash announced their redeemable module.

fxhash announced their redeemable module.

3. Nuages possibles by Joanie Lemercier via fxhash

The 100 pieces collection commanded over 30,000 Tezos in primary sales and is the first to use the fxhash redeemable module. Collectors can redeem a physical plotter print for 15 Tezos.

Stippling clouds imagined by a computer.

Each cloud is a "Nuage possible"

It may be generated from code,
but these clouds might have existed,
or might exist in the future,
just for a brief moment.

Nuages possibles by Joanie Lemercier via fxhash

Nuages possibles by Joanie Lemercier via fxhash.

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4. Zone Harmonics by Chris McCully via Alba.art

One of the first collections in the recently launched generative art platform Alba, Chris McCully’s Zone Harmonics delves into poster and flyer design and a unique “dream font” system.

Each flyer is printed from varying quality printers, sizing errors, and inking inconsistencies. For this project I've created a generative "dream font" system designed to appear legible at a glance.

Zone Harmonics by Chris McCully via Alba.art

Zone Harmonics #269 by Chris McCully via Alba.art

5. [Upcoming Drop] Invisibles by ismahelio via Art Blocks Presents

Inspired by the novel "The Invisible Cities" (Italo Calvino), a book with algorithmic qualities, this work incorporates several themes and concepts, from exploring new ideas, lands, and cultures to the interplay between reality and fiction. Like the book's exploration of Venice, the pieces in "Invisibles" are rooted in the essence of Hong Kong, a city the creator called home for nine years.

  • When: Releasing Jun 26, 2023

  • Editions: 200

  • Price: Dutch Auction, 3 Eth to 0.1 Eth

Invisibles by Ismahelio via Art Blocks Presents.

Invisibles by Ismahelio via Art Blocks Presents.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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