fxhash announced Eth integration, Vera Molnar generative collection is coming soon and more...

I am also starting a podcast!

No intros today; let’s get right to it.

Here are 5 things I thought were worth sharing from last week…

1. Last week, I shared the monthly 5 Digital Artists to Watch issue, consisting of exciting artists I discovered over the past month…

I revealed the artists featured in May: Chelsea Jones, Paolo Čerić, aka Patakk, Anika Vendel, Kyle Mills, and David Szauder.

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2. I'll start a recurring Podcast focused on digital art beginning next Monday!

The goal is to have a channel to learn from outstanding creators, collectors, and newsletter community members... In the 1st episode, I'll be joined by Jordan Lyall, founder of Prohibition and Skylab.

  • Check out Jordan’s impressive digital art collection 👉 here.

  • Set a Twitter Space reminder 👉 here.

Join us this Monday for the first episode of Kaloh’s Podcast. The recording will be shared later

  1. fxhash announced fxhash 2.0: a multichain future —to be released later this year.

Summary: fxhash will launch generative on-chain art on the Ethereum blockchain, and features like fx(params) and the redeemable’s module will be available. The platform will remain open to all artists.

fxhash 2.0 will support generative on-chain art on the Ethereum blockchain.

fxhash 2.0 will support generative on-chain art on the Ethereum blockchain.

Read the full announcement 👉 here.

4. [Upcoming Collection] Themes and Variations by Vera Molnár (in collaboration with Martin Grasser) will be released via Sotheby’s.

All these variations around letters resonate in me like music. Even though I stopped playing the piano at the age of 15, music has never left me. I immediately think of Goldberg Variations or Beethoven's Diabelli Variations on a Waltz. That's why I gave the title Theme and Variations to the latest project with the letters N, F, and T that I am working on for my first and only long form generative art project.

Vera Molnar.

Themes and Variations by Vera Molnár

This collection is fascinating as Vera is considered a pioneer in the computer art field and is 99 years old.

  • When: July 26th, 2023 05:00 PM EST

  • Where: Sotheby’s website.

  • Editions: 500

  • Price: Dutch Auction, 20 ETH → 2 ETH

5. Ty Vek’s trilogy hit fxhash last week.

The secondary market has been super active, with over 15,000 Tezos in volume across the three collections. The floor is 55 Tezos.

There is a mystery behind Ty Vek’s identity, as many believe an established artist is behind this account.

Self, Ego by Ty Vek.

Self, Ego by Ty Vek.

Do you know who Ty Vek might be?

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- Kaloh

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