From Electronics Engineering to Worldwide Installations - Pablo Alpe's NFT Journey

Find out more about the astonishing works of this creative coder

One specific art style made possible thanks to NFTs is the opportunity to create virtual experiences. The combination between audio, video, and “long-form” creations wasn’t entirely possible in the traditional art world (or required a lot of efforts, such as ample physical space, materials, and logistics). Today’s artist is one of those pushing the boundaries and taking advantage of NFT technology to create a relatively new kind of art concept. Pablo Alpe NFTs are animated, interactive and incentivize the spectator to play with them. I suggest you open them to immerse yourself in grasping the whole experience.

Layers. 01 by Pablo Alpe

Layers. 01 by Pablo Alpe - genesis piece on Foundation

Can you tell me a bit about your background?

I was born in Valencia, Spain, and I have always been very interested in art and technology for my whole life. That is why I studied electronics engineering, and after working for several years in the industrial sector, I decided to quit and focus my energy on the intersection between art and technology.

I started Vitamin Studio in 2014 with Javier Mujica, a friend and artist. Since then, we’ve been working on interactive and immersive installations worldwide. My work is all made with code, and my principal inspiration is nature and how simple rules could transform into organic and complex simulations.

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Here is one video from an installation Pablo’s studio created.

How did you discover NFTs?

In 2020, I started investing a little bit in crypto, so NFTs grabbed my attention from the first time I read about them. I was thrilled to see that we (digital artists) could finally have a medium to prove the authenticity of our art.

I have to mention two very important friends that introduced me and taught me about NFTs.

Ix Shells, a generative artist from Panama, helped me get into NFTs on ethereum. He is an incredible creative coder. Also, my friend Josef Luis Pelz was the one that helped me to get into the most wonderful community I have ever encountered which was hic et nunc, back in August 2021.

d.organism.01 by Pablo Alpe

d.organism.01 by Pablo Alpe (animated and interactive)

Can you describe your creative process?

As I said before, most of my inspiration comes from nature, physics, and math. I always try to mimic natural phenomena and how they can evolve into real-time art pieces. I usually sketch a little bit with words and drawings before coding.

Traveling and getting in touch with different cultures is also one of my passions and primary inspirations when I start an artistic project. I always travel with my laptop and try to code what I feel and see everywhere I go.

I mainly use Touchdesigner, a software that allows me to quickly prototype and build initial ideas. I have been learning and using Glsl for the last three years, which has helped me build interactive real-time art.

I believe immersive pieces like Pablo’s could play a unique role in the future (not too distant) metaverse. Why? Well, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies play very well with these kinds of works. They are already quite special and different from static or nonstatic NFTs; now, imagine immersing yourself in them. With all your senses. VR / AR could soon push these collections over the top.

b.1 by Pablo Alpe

b.1 by Pablo Alpe

Who are your favorite NFT artists?

It is a tricky question, and I have so many favorite artists that I cannot focus on just two or three.

One of my favorites is Joanie Lemercier; I have followed him since AntiVJ. Impressive minimal art inspired my work and the work we do in the studio.

I would also say Al Crego, Josef Luis Pelz, Loackme… They are artists and friends that inspire my art and whose work is mainly black and white (my passion).

Thomas Lin Pedersen and Matt DesLauriers would also be at the top of my list.

A B I S M O #16 by Pablo Alpe

A B I S M O #16 by Pablo Alpe

Are there any projects you are currently working on?

I love to work on different projects simultaneously; it helps me zoom out a little bit and then come back with new ideas. I am currently working on a piece for a crucial curated platform and a new project for Fxhash. This work is based on ancient Japanese math and geometry, a culture that has always been a significant reference for me.

Don’t forget to follow Pablo on his Twitter account or his Vitamin Studio website.

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