From Ape In Town To Bellissimas, Brutalist's NFTs Are Constantly Evolving

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Today’s artist has many names (Bruta, ₿ruta de la crème, BRUTALISTI, </Brut>), but even more artistic styles. While exploring his Tezos NFT creations, I noticed a slight but clear evolution in techniques and tools. He started out minting physical oil paintings, then quickly mixing them with digital alterations, including generative adversarial networks (GAN). More recently, he joined the generative code train, with multiple drops on the FxHash platform.

Ape in Town by Bruta

Ape in Town by Bruta

How did you discover NFTs?

I was introduced by a friend to a social platform on the Hive blockchain network. While creating some content that was giving me crypto rewards, I found an NFT Dapp on the same network and just experimented to see how it works. It did not work well, so I tried hic et nunc and it worked well :D

Abuser or Abused 1 by Bruta

Abuser or Abused 1 by Bruta - Genesis piece on hic et nunc

After chatting with Bruta, I discovered that this artistic evolution is not a mere coincidence, as his NFT journey started with his fiance. They collaborated on their first NFTs.

It is probably good to mention that the first works in Brutalisti HEN are painted by my fiance @queenhen_ We started as a team and all the oil paintings are made by her (That’s why we were Brutalisti and then when she made a separate profile I renamed to just Bruta). Some of the first work like APE in Town are collabs. I painted the APE in PS over her oil-painted work. Or "Dragana" I used her old graphite study and digitally collaged it with color to express my idea.

Can you describe your creative process?

Uh, I like to tinker. I take an old work of me, I alter it, add stuff, break stuff or just play with code, brushes, GAN's. I do it just for fun and I do this a lot. And... sometimes while playing... ideas, associations, desires emerge and I start to follow them and shape the tinkering around them, till I feel completed.

Dragana by Bruta

Dragana by Bruta

“I am lonely. Grab my hand and dance in the fountain of colors. Don't look away, be here and now, not then, at the end of the night, I will be lonely again.


Who are your favorite NFT artists?

Trevor Jones - At my first days of exploring NFTs, I found a chart of the 10 most successful NFT artists. I was also searching for a role model... Had to scroll till number 10 and read about Trevor and his desire to explore and merge Art and technology, his innovation, and his ability to be a mover. I associate myself with this desire to explore and merge. A lot of time passed and I still admire him, but also added to the favorite list these, based on their art, attitude, and personality: Gary Edward Blum, Xer0X, Tim Maxwell, Adam Disbrow.

Entangled by Adam Disbrow and Bruta

Entangled by Adam Disbrow and Bruta

Besides collaborating with his fiance, he is also known for teaming with multiple NFT artists. Some of them are Michele Petrelli, Mihai Grecu, and Adam Disbrow.

Can you tell me a bit about your latest NFT drop?

My latest fxhash drop was a collab with the talented Michele Petrelli and it is called Bellissimas.

It plays with prerendered layers by altering their form and color and adding purely generative visuals on top of them. Mixing layered artworks with generative art will be the direction I will further explore in my future fxhash works.

Bellissimas #43 by Bruta

Bellissimas #43 by Bruta

Don’t forget to follow Bruta on his Twitter account to don’t miss his upcoming drops.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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