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Kaloh's Podcast | Junior Ngoma, aka Fingacode, is a Cameroonian artist who explores audio-visual and interactive artworks

Junior Ngoma, aka Fingacode, is a Cameroonian artist living in the UK. He fuses various art forms with technology, particularly exploring audio-visual and interactive artworks.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

Early life in Cameroon (00:00:48) Fingacode shares details about his life in Cameroon and his artistic beginnings.

Introduction to digital art (00:01:40) Fingacode talks about his transition to digital art and his early experiences with design and coding.

Incorporating music into art (00:03:25) Fingacode discusses his passion for merging technology with creative arts and incorporating music into his work.

Discovery of blockchain and NFTs (00:06:18) Fingacode shares his introduction to blockchain and NFTs and the influence of fellow artists on his decision to explore this technology.

First NFT creation (00:07:53) Fingacode describes the creation and minting of his first NFT artwork.

Artistic routine and inspiration (00:08:51) Artistic routine, work environment, and sources of inspiration.

Influence of memes on art (00:10:40) The discussion explores the role of memes in attracting attention to Fingacode’s work and its impact on his artistic career.

Collaboration with galleries (00:12:43) Fingacode shares his experiences working with galleries, including Bright Moments, and the impact on his artistic journey.

Art scene in Cameroon (00:19:18) Fingacode reflects on the art scene in Cameroon and his experience visiting the national museum, highlighting the differences in preservation and cultural significance.

The state of digital art today (00:21:03) Discussion on the pros and cons of being a digital artist and the evolving art space.

Advice for aspiring digital artists (00:26:07) Encouragement to experiment and find one's own path in digital art.

Managing supply, pricing, and marketing (00:27:44) Considerations in managing supply, pricing, and marketing in the digital art market.

Exploring physical generative art (00:31:35) Discussion on the intersection of generative art and physical fabric creation.

Influences and inspirations (00:35:20) Fingacode’s inspirations from creative coders and artists who blend technical brilliance with artistry.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

Mentioned: Three.js, Sound Cloud API, Touch Designer, Bright Moments, NTH Culture, Dmitri Cherniak, PROOF, Seth Goldstein, Translucent Panes, Ana María Caballero, Zach Lieberman, Michael Kozlowski, IXShells, Linda Dounia, Spongenuity.

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