Educating the Traditional Art World ft. Elena Zavelev

Kaloh's Podcast | Elena Zavelev heads Marketing and Partnerships at Live Art and is the Co-Founder of CADAF. She also runs educational programs at Christie's and Sotheby's

Elena Zavelev heads Marketing and Partnerships at Live Art and is a Co-Founder & CEO at CADAF & New Art Academy. She is a Web3 expert with a focus on digital art and education. Elena has successfully built and curated projects and products for artists, curators & collectors since 2017 and runs educational programs at Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

[1:45] Why Blockchain Will Impact The Art Market article on Forbes from 2018.

[5:00] Starting CADAF, a festival and fair for digital art, in 2019. Mentioned: Sofia Crespo.

[6:30] Bridging traditional artists to the space with Live Art. Mentioned: Yue Minjun & Laughing Man.

[12:10] How hard is it to bring traditional collectors to the space?

[13:30] Selling a Crypto Punk in the CADAF art fair in New York 2019, presented by Kate Vass. Mentioned: OpenSea, Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss, Nifty Gateway.

[17:45] Biggest challenges for students and newcomers.

[20:15] The traditional art gallery world. How does it work? What’s the profile of typical traditional art collectors?

[24:35] How are traditional art sales tracked? Mentioned: Live Art Database.

[29:00] The impact and recent work of Sotheby’s Metaverse.

[33:00] Elena’s way of teaching blockchain art and her upcoming course with Christie’s. Mentioned: Super Blue.

[38:50] What is Elena excited about these days?

[44:00] Announcing CADAF acquisition by Live Art and what it means.

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