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The Art of Creating Digital Waste ft. die with the most likes

Kaloh's Podcast | Mark Wilson, aka 'die with the most likes', is an Indiana-based artist and writer.

Mark Wilson, aka 'die with the most likes', is an Indiana-based artist and writer. His work, born from the destructive blue light of screens, infects the digital art scene, including the Venice Biennale, Glitch Marfa, and DART Milano. His motto is, “Create nothing. Consume everything.”

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

Separating Personas and Online Presence (00:02:55) Mark talks about being doxed early due to being an author and the need for genuine online conversations.

Art and Writing Connection (00:05:32) Mark emphasizes the impact of his writing on his art and the personal experiences reflected in his work.

Social Media and Art (00:10:08) Mark discusses the demands of social media in creating meaningful art.

Glitch Marfa Residency and Generative Art (00:17:44) Mark shares his excitement for his upcoming residency in Marfa, Texas, and the launch of his first generative art collection with Glitch Marfa, exploring digital suffering.

First Generative Art Collection (00:21:18) Mark discusses the significance of his upcoming generative art collection as his first official venture into generative art, highlighting the collaborative process and the unique aspects of the collection.

Beginnings in Digital Art (00:25:17) Mark's journey from creating digital art on Hic et Nunc to minting pieces on Foundation.

Platform Choices and Artistic Creation (00:30:02) Mark's thoughts on the importance of creation for the sake of creation.

Excitement and Disappointment in the Web 3 (00:32:56) Mark's views on the current state of the art space, including the shift in attitudes and concerns about art creation for the sake of sale.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

Mentioned: Glitch Marfa, Art Blocks Engine, Right Click Save, Foundation, Artnome, SuperRare, XCopy, Oona, Summer Wagner, Alien Queen, Madison Mage, Malte, Derek Edws, 30M Glitch Marfa Residency, Transient Labs.

Collections: beef brothkos, strip mall salvation, Legalize Ground Beef.

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