Curating Computational and Digital Art Legends ft Anika Meier

Kaloh's Podcast | Anika Meier is a writer and curator specializing in digital art and digital communication.

Anika Meier is a writer and curator specializing in digital art and digital communication. Anika is a writer for KUNSTFORUM and founded Expanded.Art, a digital gallery with a physical location in Berlin. She was part of the Art Blocks curatorial board and is a member of the House of Electronic Arts in Basel curatorial committee. Her long list of collaborations/curatorial projects includes artists such as Marina Abramović, Herbert W Franke, and Lee Mullican.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

[4:00] Anika’s early involvement in the art world.

[9:50] How writing from an early stage in her career helped Anika build her network.

[12:50] Discovering NFTs and blockchain art. Mentioned: Jonas Lund.

[16:30] Getting to work with Marina Abramović for Circa on Tezos.

[18:30] Meeting Herbert W. Franke and his wife, Susanne Päch in Munich. Mentioned: Kevin Abosch.

[20:45] Meeting Herbert W. Franke and collaborating with him for the MATH collection and his tribute.

[36:00] Advice for young curators: how to get started?

[42:00] The curatorial process when you are part of a committee.

[47:00] Lee Mullican pieces from the 1960s and 1970s are showcased at Expanded.Art and what visitors think about them.

[51:00] What’s the vision behind Expanded.Art and Voices of Web 3? Mentioned: Ana María Caballero, Sasha Stiles, Anne Spalter.

[104:15] Why is there such a big gap between female and male artists in the generative art space? Mentioned: Unsigned by Operator, Qubibi.

[112:50] Three inspiring artists for Anika Meier: Margaret Murphy, Hans Dehlinger, and Ana María Caballero. Also mentioned: theVerseVerse, Maya Man.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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