Curating Art Worlds with Foundation ft. Kayvon Tehranian

Kaloh's Podcast | Kayvon Tehranian is the CEO and founder of Foundation, a platform that enables creators to use blockchain to monetize their work and build new connections with collectors.

Kayvon Tehranian is the CEO and founder of Foundation, a platform that enables creators to use blockchain to monetize their work and build new connections with collectors. Before Foundation, Kayvon held different roles in Dharma Labs, Universe, and Google.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

Background and Journey into Web3 and Art (00:01:08) Kayvon shares his background in programming, working at Google, and his transition into the Web 3 space, particularly with the development of Foundation.

The Invitation System and Early Days of Foundation (00:08:15) the invitation system implemented in the early days of Foundation and the reasons behind it, including the need for gradual system development and community education.

The Origins of Worlds (00:13:27) a tool for curated contexts, and the importance of provenance on the blockchain.

Benefits of Provenance and Worlds (00:14:47) how provenance and worlds help navigate through the noise in the art market and provide a tool for historians and curators.

Focus on Crypto-Native Users (00:20:18) Worlds is designed for crypto-native users and discusses the potential growth of digital art in the art market.

The Partnership with Highlight (00:24:15) Discussion about the partnership between Foundation and Highlight to bring generative art collections onto the platform.

AI Art on Foundation (00:28:56) Exploration of the presence of AI artists on Foundation and the unique tools and outputs they bring to the platform.

Expanding Tools for Artists (00:32:30) Explanation of the different release mechanisms available on Foundation, including one-on-one drops, editions, and upcoming generative series, as well as the ability to collaborate with curators and other platforms.

The debate on storing images on the blockchain (00:40:53) Consideration of the issues surrounding storing images on private servers and the limitations of the Ethereum blockchain as a storage network for heavy media assets.

The Future of Foundation and Supported Creations (00:45:02) Discussion on the future direction of Foundation, whether it will expand beyond art, and the focus on digital art.

Challenges for Founders in the Web3 Space (00:48:08) The cyclical nature of the web3 space and the challenges faced by founders, including impatience, market fluctuations, and the importance of long-term vision.

Artists that Inspire (00:52:45) Kayvon mentions three artists who inspire him: Jeremy Booth for innovation and support of other artists, Yatreda from Ethiopia for building something from scratch, and Zack Lieberman as an OG digital artist with years of experience.

Exploring Worlds on Foundation (00:57:44) Kayvon highlights the Western Art Department as a community-building genre within Web 3 and mentions the Forever Projects gallery. He also mentions the Space World, GM World, and Super Chief Gallery as notable community initiatives.

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