Creating iconic real-world Bright Moments feat Seth Goldstein

Listen now | Kaloh's Podcast | Seth Goldstein is a serial entrepreneur and digital art collector. In 2021, he founded a world class gallery, Bright Moments.

Kaloh’s Podcast Episode #4: Seth Goldstein, Bright Moments founder.

Seth Goldstein is a serial entrepreneur and digital art collector. In 2021, he founded Bright Moments, a digital art gallery that started in Venice Beach and has established crypto art communities worldwide (LA, New York, Berlin, London, Mexico City, and Tokyo). They pioneered the creation of live IRL minting experiences while working with generative and AI artists to help them produce iconic real-world experiences of their art.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

[0:50] Crypto Patagonians and Bright Moments Buenos Aires location.

[2:30] Bright Moments was born as a community project in Venice Beach during the pandemic — March/April 2021.

[5:25] First artist to be showcased was Art Block’s Co-founder, Jeff Davis. 10 Portals were generated in advance and sold on OpenSea. That sparked the idea of Crypto Citizens, a collection that was distributed physically in the gallery.

[8:10] “Something we all agree, doesn’t matter if you collect on Art Blocks, fxhash, OpenSea,,, verse, or whatever… Looking at the artwork on your phone sucks; if it is on a laptop, it is less sucky, but if it is on an 85-inch beautiful Samsung screen… That is how it should be seen”.

[9:50] Live minting experiences and sharing that experience with others is something we pioneered, starting with Aaron Penne and Boretta’s Rituals. Tyler Hobbs came to this event, and we ended up minting Incomplete Control in NYC.

[12:45] The secret to attracting top generative artists in the early days was having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously.

[16:30] Seth on overcoming challenges along the way.

[19:20] What are the pros and cons of running a DAO?

[25:00] Going to Argentina and building a local community. We really want to portray that community in and around AI art and generative art.

[27:10] How to be part of Bright Moments as an artist.

[30:00] On the future of Bright Moments, there are three areas essential to us:

  1. Running fantastic events… Every quarter might not be archivable, but maybe once a year.

  2. Subdaos, nurture them, make them sustainable, educational seminars and workshops.

  3. Tools and technology, there is a lot of intellectual property owned by the DAO — partnerships with PACE gallery and Artmattr.

[35:00] On AI art: our first drop was from Ivona Tau. Ira Greenberg minted out last week, Yamabushi’s Horizons from Richard Nadler on verse — I had to collect one. Beautiful works, but generative-coded art still feels more mature (clarity around the toolkit). Snowfro has talked about this in the past; there is clear scarcity, while in AI, art is all about abundance.

[41:50] Where are we going? How do you see the future of AI and generative art?

[45:20] Upcoming Art Blocks collaboration with an OG artist and Bright Moments Buenos Aires lineup.

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