Crafting Mesmerizing A.I. Art Collections ft. Ivona Tau

Kaloh's Podcast | Ivona Tau is an A.I. researcher turned full-time generative A.I. artist.

Episode #11: Ivona Tau is an artificial intelligence researcher turned full-time generative artist.

Ivona Tau is a Lithuanian A.I. researcher turned full-time generative A.I. artist. Tau’s work has been exhibited widely, including Art Basel Miami Beach, SCOPE, CAFA, Art Week Shenzhen, Vellum, Bitforms New York, Venus Over Manhattan, The House of Fine Art, Bright Moments, and Sotheby’s. She holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and published multiple scientific papers in the field of Computer Vision and Artificial Neural Networks.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

[0:25] Taking breaks, planning holidays, and staying offline.

[2:15] Ivona’s lifestyle as a researcher and her Phd work. It was a great way to understand the tools and push their boundaries to explore their limits.

[13:00] She started to learn about NFTs and published her first NFT AI work in early 2021. Ivona describes the changes and evolution of the tools in a short period (2 years).

[15:45] “I am a big fan of returning to old tools because you can’t always chase the next big thing, and by trying new shiny things, you can’t master the tool.”

[18:00] What’s Ivona’s Tau art vision?

[20:30] Which collections are you most proud of? blue hours, 1/1’s on Foundation, Whispers in code.

[23:15] The difference between AI art and generative art. Mentioned: Study of atom in analog, digital and A.I., Mythic Latent Glitches, INFINITE | 無限.

[28:00] Curated collections vs. long-form noncurated projects.

[31:50] The story behind Machine Hearted via K011.

[35:00] Text-to-image and prompt AI - “If you want to create something very original, I recommend you try to craft your own images and train your data because otherwise, you use someone else’s models.”

[37:20] “AI is a very vague and ambiguous term. At the end of the day, AI is patterns taken from data.”

[38:30] Ivona’s secrets to creating AI art, training models, gathering data, software tools, and hardware.

[48:00] Ivona’s top three artists: “the colors of William Egglestone, the surrealism of Dora Maar, and of course the mood of David Lynch.”

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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