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Kaloh’s Podcast Episode #6: Mitchell F. Chan, digital artist, creator of The Boys of Summer and Digital Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility.

Mitchell F Chan is a conceptual artist who has been creating art on different mediums since 2006. He is behind digital artworks like Digital Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility, LeWitt Generator Generator on Art Blocks, and Winslow Homer’s Croquet Challenge on Feral File. His latest creation is a game, artwork, and experience called The Boys of Summer.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

[1:20] Growing up in Ontario and the decision to become an artist in 2006.

[4:30] Moving to Toronto after making it to his first exhibition. His painting sold for $600, just enough to pay the month’s rent.

[6:30] Early on, Mitchell J Chan's art was related to architecture, and wanting to eliminate anything that wasn’t strictly necessary. From there, he studied sensors, electronics, digital media, and more to enrich his knowledge and art. He eventually got a scholarship Art Institute of Chicago to explore the intersection between art and technology.

[11:45] The Boys of Summer combines a pfp collection, decision-making, and stat-based game and market performance. In other words, a “transmedia art project” originated from Mitchell’s observations of the world.

[22:00] The future of digital art.

[26:30] Since Mitchell decided that creating games would be his art form, he started to develop tools and pieces that he could recreate. He consciously chose not to hire assistants as he wanted to touch, make and design every part of it.

[28:00] Creating Digital Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility in 2017 and its backstory. He is proud of waiting for the recognition and finding his people organically over time.

[31:30] Releasing LeWitt Generator Generator on Art Blocks during summer 2021, which was exhibited at Angell Gallery and Humber Galleries a few years before.

[40:15] On the difference and challenges of creating physical vs artwork for public spaces. “When creating installations, drunk college kids are your enemies, while on the digital medium, they are your friends.” When you make public art, you need to speak to everyone.

[46:30] What’s next for Mitchell F Chan?

[48:00] Digital art space inspirations: Wild curatorial board, Rhea Myers, Kevin McCoy, One Token by Sam Hart.

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