Casey Reas and Melissa Wiederrecht newest generative collections, Joyn's Composer and more!

Five things worth sharing about generative art

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Happy Sunday, everyone!

Here is the generative art weekly digest, where I share 5 things I thought were worth sharing from the generative and AI art world (including Kaloh’s Newsletter and Podcast recap):

1. Joyn’s Composer: Curate exciting stories and showcases

I wrote a deep dive into Joyn and their newest tool —Composer. Learn more about it below.

2. [Kaloh’s Podcast] Sasha Stiles and Casey Reas

Last week, I shared an exciting discussion with AI researcher and poet Sasha Stiles. Listen below.

The next guest will be Casey Reas, a generative artist, educator, and co-founder of Processing and Feral File. We’ll chat about his recent collection released via Bright Moments, his art journey, and future plans.

Oh, and the upcoming show we have been preparing together since December!

Set a reminder here.

Casey Reas will be the guest for Episode #9. Set a reminder here.

3. [Hot Collection] 923 Empty Rooms by Casey Reas via Bright Moments

923 Empty Rooms is an evolution of An Empty Room, commissioned by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) for the Coded: Art Enters the Computer Age, 1952–1982 exhibition.

The 923 pieces were minted over the past week on Bright Moments Galleries around the world and digitally.

Watch this short video featuring Tyler Hobbs, Erick Calderon (snowfro), Seth Goldstein, Matt DesLauriers, and more on what Casey Reas represents to them.

4. [Upcoming Collection] Crypto-Native by Melissa Wiederrecht via Highlight

Melissa Wiederrecht is part of the artists headlining the ‘Onchain Summer’ collections by the new generative platform - Highlight. Her collection is named ‘Crypto-Native’ and is a much more personal approach to her digital art journey.

Crypto-Native by Melissa Wiederrecht via Highlight.

Crypto-Native by Melissa Wiederrecht via Highlight.

In “Crypto-Native,” the artist taunts the viewer with hundreds of questions centering around the concept of value in art, from the perspective of a web3 crypto-native gen-artist in 2023. She lays bare the thoughts, worries, and sometimes outright strange things that a crypto artist thinks about on a daily basis - shedding light on some of the culture, values, and idiosyncrasies of the crypto-art and NFT movement.

5. [Interesting Read] ‘Web3 Marketing: A Handbook for the Next Internet Revolution’ by Amanda Cassatt

In other news, I discovered this book by Amanda Cassat, CEO of Web 3 agency Serotonin. Squiggle in the cover and detailed research about Web 3 Marketing. Seems like a great resource for artists and creators in general.

‘Web3 Marketing: A Handbook for the Next Internet Revolution’ by Amanda Cassatt


I’ll read it and share my thoughts soon. You can buy it here if you can’t wait…

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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