Building a House for Blockchain Art ft. Micol

Kaloh's Podcast | Micol is the founder of Vertical Crypto, a house for art and culture on the blockchain. She has curated and collaborated with hundreds of artists, curators and collectors.

Micol founded Vertical, a house for art and culture on the blockchain. She has curated and collaborated with hundreds of artists, curators, and collectors. Throughout Vertical, Micol launched Proof of People, a multi-day festival for art, music, and fashion in New York City and London, and has supported hundreds of digital artists with the Vertical Crypto Residency program.

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In today’s episode, we discuss:

[0:30] Frieze Week and adoption of digital art in this important art fare.

[3:30] “Galleries worldwide would like to explore digital art, but they just don’t know how.”

[8:00] Proof of People is an open festival that focuses on having a good time with friends, ideally for everyone.

[9:40] Micol's past lives working at Meta (Facebook) and her thoughts on Meta’s potential influence on the blockchain and virtual reality.

[15:30] What’s Vertical? A cultural ecosystem that wants to bridge what’s happening today across digital art, music, and fashion into contemporary culture.

[18:30] Micol’s advice for founders.

[29:00] How to curate, work, and collaborate with artists? Mentioned: Anika Meier, Sutu, Operator, Alex Estorick, Right Click Save, Seth Goldstein, Emi Kusano.

[31:40] Risk-taking in the space and curatorial frameworks. Mentioned: Mario Klingemann, Helena Sarin.

[38:30] Art strategy and supporting artists on the release of their work.

[41:20] The selling out factor and experimentation. Mentioned: Oona, Manifold, Transient Labs.

[48:20] Three inspiring digital artists: Operator, Oona, and Linda Dounia.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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